Mariam Khan: Mariam witnesses Fawad’s arrogance

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Fawad creates a scene at his ex-girlfriend’s office. Mariam tracks Fawad. She brings trouble for him. He gets angry and warns her against spoiling his work. He becomes arrogant. She asks him if he is missing her so much. She tells him that she will snatch everything from him. She gets self praising. She tells him that he doesn’t deserve her. She asks him to beg her for a forgiveness, and she may think to return in his life. He tells her that he has never apologized to anyone in his life, he is self-made, but she has stolen his life’s important story to make her own career. He asks her to accept her theft and apologize. He scolds her for the crime. She doesn’t feel guilty. She tells him that she has done everything fair. He tells her that he doesn’t want to fall in love, and is just thinking about his ambition.

He vents out his frustration on her. She tells him that soon he will fall in love and suffer a heartbreak. She throws a challenge for him. He tells her that he is happy even to face hatred, as he has lost belief in love. Mariam comes there for a job and collides with Fawad. They have a moment. He stays hot-tempered and asks her to get away from his sight. Mariam is following him just to get clues about her father.






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