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Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Aarohi gets help from Abhimanyu. He asks her not to lose her senses, and plan her move smartly. He tells her that physical strength won’t help if a person falls weak mentally, she has to plan well, else she won’t be able to come back safely. She tries some disguises. He disapproves the disguises which appear silly. He asks her to confuse the opponent by the disguise. Aarohi has lost her child. She wants to take revenge for her child’s death. She selects the day of Karwachauth to kill Deep.

Ishqbaaz: Rudra challenges Shivay’s mental strength.. Anika is trying hard to boost Shivay’s confidence and courage. Anika and Shivay have a romantic moment after a long time. Anika plans a surprise for him. Anika makes Shivay smile. She gets glad that he got smiling by forgetting his sorrow. She wants him to resume his normal life. She succeeds to make him happy. Its a big thing for Anika. She hopes that Shivay will come out of his trauma soon.

Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Navin to fail Anurag’s plan… Anurag exposes Navin’s lie. He doesn’t let Navin ruin Prerna’s life. He wants to unmask Navin’s truth. He doesn’t want the marriage to happen. He opposes Navin in front of the entire family. He tells them that Navin is cheating everyone, even Mohini who loves him dearly. He gets angry that Navin is playing with everyone’s emotions and trust. He tells how Navin has been lying to everyone about his love for Prerna, while the truth remains that Navin just wants to use Prerna for his evil motives. Anurag finds Navin a cheap-minded person. He is trying his best to stop the marriage, while Navin is trying his best to conduct the marriage ceremony soon. Anurag fails to prove the truth in front of the family. Navin fools everyone once again. He gives up in front of Anurag.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam is hired as a driver in Fawad’s house. Mariam sees Aaliya and can’t see her upset. She asks the reason for her sorrow. She asks Aaliya about her family. Aaliya cries that she doesn’t have her mum with her. She is Mahira and Zain’s daughter. Mariam gets mistaken and thinks Aaliya is Fawad’s daughter. She feels Fawad doesn’t love his daughter and left her alone to cry. She doesn’t want to participate in school competition without her parents. Mariam finds a way and tells the school teacher that she is also like Aaliya’s mum. She makes relation with Aaliya to help her participate in the school competition. She tels them about Aaliya’s parents. She takes part with Aaliya in the race, and manages to run as well. Mariam cheats to win the race. Aaliya gets glad that they have won. She hugs Mariam.

Bablu kidnaps Muskaan and Hanumanth as well. He blackmails Ronak and asks him to choose either of Muskaan or Hanumanth. He asks Ronak whom will he choose, if he chooses love, he will lose his best friend. Ronak wants to be loyal towards his friend first. He chooses Hanumanth’s life. Bablu tricks him and doesn’t tell him about Hanumanth either. He takes Muskaan with him, and wants Ronak to follow him, so that he can fulfill his task and present the trio to Sir ji. Ronak and Sir ji will be having a big confrontation.

Tulika and Gurumaa have a fight. Dolly and Gurumaa get stuck on the way. Tulika makes fun of Gurumaa and freezes her. Tulika tells Gurumaa that her black evil powers are much stronger than her spiritual powers. Gurumaa wants to protect Meera, while Tulika wants to kill Meera and Vivaan to take revenge for Paromita’s death. Gurumaa strikes Tulika to defeat her. Meera rushes to save Gurumaa.

Vikram distances Anjor from Chakor. He plays with Anjor’s mind and tells Chakor that her daughter will be close, and still far from her. Vikram poisons Anjor’s mind. Anjor feels Suraj got kidnapped because of Chakor. She scolds Chakor for snatching Suraj from her. She asks Chakor to get her father back at any cost. Chakor gets searching for Suraj. She also seeks police help, but in vain. Anjor asks Chakor if she could find Suraj. Chakor gets helpless and bears Anjor and Tejaswini’s anger. Chakor promises of finding Suraj. Vikram threatens Chakor and asks her to just change her statement in the next hearing and help his mother, if she wants to see Suraj alive. Chakor falls in a big dilemma. She has to choose either of family and humanity.

Jijaji Chath Par Hai:
Ilaychi informs Pancham about the jewelry theft. She tells him that the jewelry has really got stolen from the room, when they were just planning to mock the theft. Ilaychi’s lie turns true. Pancham asks her is she in shock, what is she saying and confusing him more. Ilaychi tells him that someone has really taken away all the precious jewelry. She makes him believe that she isn’t lying this time. She tells them that real theft occured and they have to find the thief. Pancham doesn’t believe her. He asks her not to make such plans to pass time, as everyone else has work. She insists him to find the thief. Pancham agrees to her. He tries to find the thief. He tells her that he will not lie to Murari, who is his boss. Ilaychi asks Pancham to be more loyal towards them. She asks him to choose over Murari or her. He waits for the thief to come at the chaat stall.

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