Naagin 3: Bela and Mahir’s love gets stronger


In Naagin 3, the revenge drama spiced up further, Bela feigns intense hatred for Mahir in front of Vikrant and swears falsely to kill him. Vikrant gets happy seeing his plan getting successful to get Naagmani after Bela loses her powers post killing innocent Mahir. However, his happiness is short lived as Bela gets clued about Vikrant being after her mum’s life. She seeks Mahir’s help and saves her mum from Vikrant’s attack. Mahir and Bela fight just to show Vikrant, but care for each other a lot. They share some moments. Mahir feels bad for her mum and offers to pay the hospital bill. Vikrant gets curious and thinks Bela has killed Mahir. He thinks he has won and Mahir lost. He gets happy with the thought that both Naagmani and Naagrani Bela will become of him.

Bela slips in the bathroom. Mahir holds her and falls with her in the bathtub. Vikrant peeps in Mahir and Bela’s bathroom and sees them in the bathtub together while flowers petal shower on them. He thinks they are romancing in the bathroom, but actually, they have fallen together while saving the other from falling. He gets angry and understands Bela is fooling him. He gets angrier knowing her plan, but hides. He hears them talking about him. He realizes Bela knows his truth and actually fooling him with Mahir’s help. He learns that Naagrani Maa is alive and safe and determines to kill her. Bela tells Mahir that they have to protect her mum from imposter Yuvi.


When Bela comes to meet Vikrant, he tells her that she knows what he wants, and tells that now he learns everything. He assures her that he will not do anything to Mahir. Bela doesn’t tell him anything. After she leaves, Vikrant tells that he will make Mahir’s life miserable.

Vikrant as Yuvi shows the divorce papers to Andy and tells that Mahir had already signed on it, wanting a divorce from Bela. Andy and Sumitra get upset. Vikrant meets his mum and appreciates her planning. He asks how do you think and plan to kill someone at specific time. He asks her to tell him at least. His mum warns him. Adi showers flower petals on Poulomi, just to cheer her. Poulomi gets happy.

Kuhu tells Bela that Andy and Sumitra called her. Mahir gets furious when he learns about Yuvi getting his signatures on divorce papers by cheating. He tells that Yuvi’s imposter is clever enough to take his signatures on the divorce papers without letting him know. Bela signs him not to be upset. Mahir feels bad. Vikrant couldn’t bear Bela’s immense love for Mahir and thinks his 100 years old love is defeated by Mahir’s few months of love. He aims to kill him and ruins his picture. There is a speculation about Vikrant’s mum, who most probably is Poulomi and murderer of Anu. Mahir and Bela’s love gets stronger for each other amidst the conspiracy.



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