Ishqbaaz: New twists and unions in Oberoi family

Ishqbaaz: Jai enters Oberoi family with vicious intentions

Ishqbaaz: New twists and unions in Oberoi family… Shivay and Anika get happy to meet Aruna Nani. Shivay knows Anika is the best, but also knows that she isn’t safe with him. He makes Nani help him in ending his relation with Anika. Aruna asks Shivay how can he marry any girl without informing her. She refuses to accept Anika as his wife. She tells him that she had fixed Shivay’s marriage with Twinkle, many years back. She asks Kalyani Dadi not to speak in between, when Oberois left Shivay alone. She tells Shivay that she will get him married to Twinkle. She wants Anika out of his life. She invites Twinkle home, who looks very homely and sweet. Twinkle gets flirting with Shivay on their first meet. Anika gets jealous by seeing them.

Twinkle proves out to be an all rounder. She tells Shivay that she will look after him and his entire family. Shivay knows Anika is getting hurt. He accepts that he married Anika. He tells Aruna that he didn’t consider Anika as his wife. Anika tells Shivay that she knows about his plan to call Twinkle home.

She asks him not to waste time on making her away. She asks Shivay to think of better plans so that she can also get entertained. Twinkle likes Anika a lot and gets praising her. Shivay reminds her the drama they are doing to make Anika away. Twinkle can’t help, but praise Anika. Aruna keeps her promise. She tells him that she knows its difficult for him to make his wife away. Shivay tells her that he gets heartbroken when he hurts Anika. She tells him that she will fix everything. Aruna wants Priyanka to forgive her brother and love him like before. She asks Priyanka to support Shivay. She says they should not believe that Shivay is a murderer. She questions Priyanka over the big change.

Priyanka doesn’t feel like believing Shivay. Aruna asks Shivay not to be upset. She wants him to know if he can live without Anika. He tells her that he wants Anika’s betterment by sending her away. Aruna agrees to help him. Meanwhile, Rudra demands a big amount. Shivay refuses to spoil him further. Rudra calls him a murderer. He hurts Shivay’s mind. Shivay scolds him. Rudra blames him for snatching everything.

Shivay and Rudra get into a heated argument. Omkara stops them. Dadi tells Aruna that Shivay has killed Tej. Aruna asks her to realize what compelled Shivay to take this big step. Aruna feels Anika has believed Shivay by opposing the family. Anika finds Aruna praising her. Aruna acts to dislike her. Aruna tells her that she won’t accept her as Shivay’s wife ever. Aruna scolds Dadi for hurting Shivay by abandoning him. Dadi tells Aruna that she could have stopped the family from shattering, but she lost her son. Aruna wants Dadi to forget everything and move on. She asks Dadi to unite the family on Diwali. Shivay wants the same.

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