Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim to stop Anarkali’s marriage

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Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Salim to stop Anarkali’s marriage… Salim doesn’t learn about Anarkali’s condition. He vents out anger on her. He feels she doesn’t value him, his love and promise. Mahabat then tells Salim about Anarkali, who has come in the coronation ceremony for saving his life. Mahabat tells him that Anarkali has once again taken the danger on herself and saved him. Salim realizes Anarkali’s sacrifice. Salim rushes to Anarkali to make an apology. The lovers spend some romantic moments together. Salim surprises Anarkali. Anarkali’s happiness gets short-lived when her aunt compels her for marrying someone else. Anarkali doesn’t want to marry anyone, since her heart is with Salim. Anarkali is decked up for meeting the prospective groom. She gets unwilling.

Aunt forces her by hiding about Suraiya’s command. Aunt doesn’t want Anarkali to get killed by Suraiya or Rukaiya. She wishes Anarkali settles in her life, away from the palace. Anarkali has given her heart and soul to Salim.

Her aunt is very well aware of this fact, and still takes this step for her betterment. Anarkali fails to refuse to her. She wants the news to reach Salim, since just he can stop her marriage. Salim learns the shocking news and rushes to stop the marriage. How will Salim stop Anarkali’s marriage? Will he declare his love for Anarkali to the world? Keep reading.

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