Shakti: Harman decides to marry Soumya

Shakti Fatal attack on Soumya causes chaos

Shakti: Harman decides to marry Soumya… Harman has realized his relation with Soumya. He feels she worries for him a lot. He finds her very genuine hearted. Soumya doesn’t want to meet him. She stays loyal towards Sameer. She doesn’t know Sameer’s evil planning. Harman takes a lady’s disguise and meets Soumya. He wants to convince Soumya for coming with him. He confesses love to Soumya. He asks her to accept her love. He proposes her for marriage. Soumya is worried as Sameer has threatened her about killing Harman, if she thinks of running away with Harman.

Sameer doesn’t want Harman and Soumya to unite. Harman applies the haldi to Soumya during the haldi ceremony. He follows Soumya to her room, while pretending to help. Soumya gets a big surprise on seeing him.

He tells her that he can’t live without her. He doesn’t want to lose his love. Harman makes love vows to her. He tries to talk to Soumya in a sweet way. Soumya also loves Harman. They are eternal lovers. Sameer finds Harman with Soumya again. He asks Harman to back off and not trouble them again. He ousts Harman. Sameer asks Soumya not to think of breaking the marriage. Soumya gets in a big mess. She feels helpless as her heart just loves Harman/Jolly. Harman wants to marry Soumya at any cost. Will Soumya accept his proposal? Keep reading.

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