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TR’s Quick Reads On Telly Reviews… Muskaan: Gayatri accepts Muskaan heartily. She feels happy when Ronak proves Muskaan’s innocence. Gayatri feels proud of Ronak’s choice. She wants Sir ji and entire family to accept Muskaan. Sir ji joins hands with his sister. He wants Muskaan away from the family. Bua and her son employ some goons to kidnap Muskaan. Bua acts good in front of Muskaan, while the latter performs the Diwali puja rituals in the house. Gayatri feels its really Diwali for her to have a wonderful Bahu along. Muskaan gets kidnapped from the temple. Ronak gets the news that Muskaan is missing. He understands that Sir ji is behind this. Sir ji acts innocent. He challenges Ronak to find Muskaan.

Krishna Chali London:

Shukla’s wife worries since Shukla’s elder brother is really cheap and characterless. She doesn’t want her daughter-in-laws to fall in trouble. She instructs them to stay inside their rooms at night. She worries when Shukla goes away from the family for his work purpose. Shukla’s wife decides to take help from Krishna, who can be their savior. Shukla’s brother plays evil and badly eyes Krishna. He doesn’t mend his ways. He lays the dirty trap for Krishna, while acting kind in front of the family.

Shukla’s wife is well aware of his bad truth. She wants to protect Krishna. Radhe requests Krishna to stay back in the family He promises to completely reform himself. Radhe and Krishna have an emotional moment. Krishna’s passport gets stolen, while the blame comes on Radhe. Shukla’s wife steals the passport so that Krishna stays back and saves them. She burns the passport.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita wants to know how are Sudha and Vijendra related. She gets a shock when Sudha gets police for getting Raman arrested. She realizes that Vijendra is employed by Sudha. She feels sorry for Raman, who didn’t realize and fell in the big trap just because of his ego. Raman meets Vijendra to teach him a lesson. He wants Vijendra to get punished. He also gets shocked on finding Sudha with Vijendra. Sudha breaks her entire planning to Raman and also reveals her connection with Vijendra. Sudha keeps a condition, to which he readily agrees. He is ready to do anything for Ishita’s release. Sudha asks him to transfer all his company shares to her. Raman signs the documents. He doesn’t think how will his impulsive decision affect his family.

Perfect Pati:

Pushkar gets happy when Vidhi gets no support from her family. Maasa clearly tells Vidhi that Ashwin and Nivedita are having the child only when they fulfilled the responsibility of Vidhi. She doesn’t want Vidhi to pose any problem in her family. She asks Vidhi never to come home with her personal problems. She wishes to have a grandchild soon. She asks Vidhi not to trouble them more and stay happy in Rathore family. Vidhi understands the happiness Maasa is expecting. She promises Maasa that she won’t bother them. She unwillingly returns with Pushkar. He realizes that Vidhi has no support and now he can torture her the way he wants.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega: Guddan and Akshat celebrate Diwali together. Guddan wants to light the crackers. She bumps into Akshat and drops the crackers. He helps her. He is troubled by her clumsiness. GuddaN asks Akshat to come out and enjoy with the family. Durga gets angry when Guddan gets the house responsibility. Dadi wants Guddan to lead the family. Durga will be bringing twists in Guddan’s life.

Dastaan-E-Mohabbat: Mahabat tells Salim about Anarkali, who has come in the coronation ceremony for saving his life. Mahabat tells him that Anarkali has once again taken the danger on herself and saved him. Salim realizes Anarkali’s sacrifice. Salim rushes to Anarkali to make an apology. The lovers spend some romantic moments together. Salim surprises Anarkali. Anarkali’s happiness gets short-lived when her aunt compels her for marrying someone else. Anarkali doesn’t want to marry anyone, since her heart is with Salim. Anarkali is decked up for meeting the prospective groom. She gets unwilling.

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