YHM: Shagun senses the upcoming troubles

YHM: Shagun senses the upcoming troubles

YHM: Shagun senses the upcoming troubles.. Kaushalya questions Bhallas about Ishita and Raman’s absence. The family assumes that IshRa are romancing. Shagun doesn’t think the same. She calls up Raman to know the truth. Raman hides the truth from Shagun. He tells her that he is staying at the hotel with Ishita to sort out their differences, so that they can do their daughters’ farewell well. Shagun believes him. Raman keeps the family in the dark. He doesn’t tell about Ishita’s arrest. Meanwhile, Sudha tells Raman that Vijendra is her brother. She was worried that Raman was found an investor. She is glad that Vijendra is the investor.

She tells Raman that she called Vijendra for the favor and joined hands with him. She shares her plans with Raman. She wants Raman to transfer all the shares to her name, if he wants Ishita’s released. Ishita doesn’t want Raman to get more helpless. She wishes he doesn’t fall in more traps. She wants to find Sudha and Vijendra’s connection. She stays worried for her husband.

YHM: Shagun senses the upcoming troubles

Meanwhile, Sudha wins Raman’s company. He asks Sudha to take away everything, he just wants Ishita with him. He gets Ishita released. She makes Vijendra confess the crime so that Ishita gets freed. Ishita wonders if Raman has confessed the crime. Inspector releases Ishita. He informs Raman about Ishita’s release. Raman gets relieved. Sudha tells Raman that he can’t do anything against her and Vijendra. Raman vents anger on Sudha. He gives his company to Sudha. He hides the matter from Ishita. She wants to know how he returned money to Vijendra, what did he sacrifice something again.

She asks him not to hide anything again. He tells her that she won’t ask him anything until the marriages happen. She promises that she won’t ask him anything. He tells her that he can do anything for her, since she is his life. She gets emotional. Shagun feels Raman and Ishita are hiding something. She hopes that nothing is wrong. Shagun questions Ishita about the tensions. Raman tells Shagun that everything is fine. Raman asks Ishita not to tell Shagun about the problems. Moreover, Shagun and Ishita spend emotional time with their daughters.

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