Importance of TIME


Time is priceless. Once gone will never return back. Many people think that time is in their hands, but the fact is that time will never wait or stop for anyone at any cost. People have their own time to experience life to carry out their dreams, ambitions and reach their destiny, but we don’t realize that the time is moving from our hands at a very fast pace. Time is not a thing that you grow, earn or buy with your hard work or money, you can only lose time. No one says till what age he is going to live and how much time left for him. So we have to take the advantage of time rather than wasting time to accomplish our goals and ambitions.
Few points to help you out when dealing with time:

1. Always make a thing to do list: The things to do list help you to complete the tasks within the allotted time and moving for the next one within the given time.
2. Give first priority to time: Time is the valuable resource. One can save money but can’t save time. While making a decision, think how to spend your time and focus on what you want to achieved within that stipulated time.

3. Follow the principle of a stitch in time save nine: We all have heard this phrase. It implies that an act done in a time saves from inconvenience and difficulties. It brings reward and opportunities.
4. Leave your laziness behind: People who have tasted success always made best use of their time. To ensure best use of time in life, one needs to avoid laziness and bring punctuality in their behavior. Punctuality avoids inconvenience and tension.

So, a person should live a purposeful life. He should make maximum use of every moment. Time is precious and be valued. We should make use of it in best possible manner.


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