Yeh Rishta: Series of shockers for Akhilesh

Yeh Rishta: Series of shockers for Akhilesh

Yeh Rishta: Series of shockers for Akhilesh… KaiRa set out to expose Samarth. They use the heritage hotel deal to bring out his truth in front of Akhilesh. Naira asks Kartik to get Akhilesh when Samarth talks about the haveli deal. Samarth tries to contact the clients. He reaches Naira, assuming her to be Mr. Jalan. He tells her that he is interested in selling the haveli on behalf of Manish Goenka. Naira finds Kartik’s getup spoiling. She fixes the saree once again. Kartik understands the trouble that comes with the beautiful sarees. Naira compliments Kartik for his amazing looks. Samarth misses to see them. Kartik tells her that they shouldn’t delay the plan further. She also wants to hurry up and just expose Samarth.

Manish learns about Kartik and Naira’s idea to expose Samarth. Suwarna tells him that she has permitted the children to do this. He fears that Akhilesh may get more hurt. Manish doesn’t want to break Akhilesh’s heart. He asks her to call the children back. She refuses to him. She asks him to let Kartik and Naira try harder, so that the family stays united. Meanwhile, Samarth accepts Naira’s deal. He agrees to sign the documents.

He tells Naira that Akhilesh has signed the papers and has sent him to talk about the deal. Naira checks the papers. Lav and Kush try to check the memory chip. They get a big clue about Samarth. Naira comes to her true self. She tells Samarth that he can never sell the haveli, since the family will always stay united. Kartik brings Akhilesh and entire family there. Kartik tries to tell Akhilesh that Samarth isn’t intending well. Manish and family reveal Samarth’s intentions to Akhilesh by showing the video of Samarth’s crime confessions. Akhilesh gets angered knowing Samarth has taken advantage of the family dispute.

Samarth accepts his revenge intentions. He tells Akhilesh that he wanted to ruin Goenkas by using him. He gets insulting Akhilesh. Manish and Akhilesh’s bond turns normal again, when the entire family defends Akhilesh. Kartik tells Samarth that they will never let any outsider break their family.

Akhilesh regrets to believe Samarth and pay him respect. Akhilesh feels guilty. He doesn’t want to stay with the family, since he feels he doesn’t deserve to be between them. Akhilesh goes lost by slipping in depression. Kartik and Naira fear that they may get late in tracking Akhilesh. They rush to find him. Samarth troubles Akhilesh once again. Akhilesh doesn’t want to spare Samarth.

He falls in Samarth’s new plan. Kartik witnesses Akhilesh’s rage and tries to stop him from committing any mistake. Manish feels Samarth is repeating the history and this time he has targeted Akhilesh. Manish doesn’t want his brother to die. Manish, Kartik and Naira follow Akhilesh to save him from the accident. Manish gets jitters thinking about the past accident. Samarth wants to exact revenge by killing Akhilesh. Akhilesh realizes the big trap.

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