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Jiji Maa

Jiji Maa: Niyati gets Kanha idol in the temple. Falguni gets very happy and explains this as a sign. Falguni tells her that she should have a child now. She asks Niyati to take care of herself. She makes Niyati perform Krishna puja. Niyati avoids this topic. She tells Falguni that she has to go NGO for work. Falguni asks Niyati and Vidhaan to come for the puja, it won’t take long time. She shows the preparations done. She asks Niyati to pray for her family. Niyati gets nervous.

Falguni wishes Vidhaan and Niyati extend their family. She wants her sister’s happiness. Niyati runs away in tension. Falguni doesn’t understand what’s happening to Niyati. She asks Vidhaan what’s Niyati hiding. Falguni wonders if Uttara has planned anything against Niyati. Uttara postpones Suyash and Falguni’s marriage for six months. Falguni gets tensed about Uttara’s new evil plan.


YHM: Dance face-off highlights IshRa’s battle.. Bhallas learn about the new challenge thrown by Sudha. They get strong to go and attend the Diwali party. They get prepared to face Sudha’s tricks. Ishita tells them that their bad time will pass, it will be joyful moment when their employees get the Diwali bonus. They attend the party and meet Sudha, who welcomes them well. Sudha tells them that she won’t give away the bonus so easily. Rohan and Karan find chances to hurt Aaliya and Ruhi’s hearts. They await the moment when Sudha tortures them more. Aaliya and Ruhi wish to leave from the party. They stay back for the sake of Ishita. Sudha tells Raman that Ishita would need to win a dance face-off if she wants the workers to get their bonus. Raman doesn’t let Sudha have her ways. He asks Sudha not to dare challenge them.

Ishqbaaz: A surprising emotional family union… Shivay puts Roop in a fix by catching her red-handed in the act. He tells her that she shall tell him the real reason behind her revenge. He tells Roop how he has figured out the reason behind her revenge. He asks Roop why is she chasing their happiness, why can’t she see the family happy after a long, why does she want to kill him. He tells her that he is aware that she is behind the attacks on him. Roop lies to him and tells him that Rudra was behind the attack. Shivay tells her that she has tried to kill him when Rudra didn’t come in her words. He tells Roop that he had planned the puja just to lay a trap for her. He asks her not to ruin the family, who is close to him. She tells him that she wants to kill him, since he has killed Tej and took over entire property.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Tevar turns furious on Sikandar… Sikandar misses to see Tevar and Kulfi. Tevar’s plight gets high. He tells Kulfi that he had tried to contact Sikandar for help, but didn’t get any. He doesn’t want to beg to someone. He tells Kulfi that he is trying to get up on his own. Kulfi pacifies him seeing his plight. She tells him that they can together find some way. Lovely tells Bebe that she will just do everything for Amyra. She doesn’t want to have any emotions for Kulfi. She tells Bebe that she doesn’t want Kulfi to come back home. Sikandar tries to track Tevar. He learns that Tevar isn’t at the common places where he usually goes. He checks the cool hangouts.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE: Bhakti tries to woo Fawad, post the party in his house. Mariam gets to see them romancing. Fawad tries to avoid Bhakti. She chases him. She dances for him. Mariam records them live. Bhakti has no interest in Fawad. She wants to frame Fawad. Mariam doesn’t trust Bhakti. She wants to save Fawad. When the media reaches there, Bhakti accuses Fawad for misbehaving with her. Mariam proves Fawad’s innocence. She slaps Bhakti and shows the video of Bhakti’s cheap act. Mariam supports Fawad. Bhakti gets exposed.

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YRKKH: Super-dramatic twists mark a new chapter… Kartik, Naira and Manish try hard to save Akhilesh’s life. Samarth enjoys the sight and awaits Akhilesh’s death. He gets a bad surprise on seeing Kartik following Akhilesh’s car to save him. Samarth doesn’t want Akhilesh to get saved. He wants Manish to lose his brother. He wants to fulfill his revenge. Kartik and Manish ask Akhilesh to jump down the car on time, so that he gets saved. They make some arrangements by putting dry grass to save Akhilesh from the speeding car. Akhilesh jumps off the car and gets saved. This annoys Samarth further. The Goenkas get happy that Akhilesh got saved. Manish unites with Akhilesh. He asks Akhilesh not to feel guilty, as its not his mistake. They get another shock when they see Samarth speeding the car towards them. Samarth’s plan fails when he meets with an accident.


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