Silsila: Mauli rages over Kunal’s blind love

Silsila Voot Mahek to blurt out Kunal's big secret

Silsila: Mauli rages over Kunal’s blind love… Mishti goes missing in Mauli’s engagement party. This brings tension in the happy moment. Mauli and Ishaan get searching for Mishti. Kunal finds Mishti. He meets Radhika and tries to know the truth about Mishti. When he questions Radhika, she is left with no option than to reveal the truth. He follows Radhika to know more. He returns to the family. He gets to overhear Mishti and Mauli’s conversation. He goes to ask Mauli the truth of Mishti’s father. Mauli scolds him, reminding his mistakes. She tells him that Mishti is just her daughter. He asks if he is Mishti’s father.

Mauli tells him that Mishti is his daughter, but she will never come to him. He asks her why is she snatching Mishti’s childhood, why didn’t she hide this big truth from him. She bursts her anger on him. She tells him that he has left her alone and didn’t wish for their child to come, she was blind in Nandini’s love and went away from them.

She reminds how upset he was about their coming child. He also felt that she is lying about the pregnancy. She tells him that this happened because of his own deeds. Kunal tells Mauli that she has done wrong with him. Mauli asks Kunal how can he blame her for his mistakes. Mauli’s reaction gets aggressive. Mauli and Kunal feel they were right on their stand. Radhika and Dida see their fight and get worried. Radhika just wants to support Mauli. Dida asks Kunal to leave from their house. Dida lets them sort their issues, but she doesn’t want Kunal to hurt Mauli’s heart.

Silsila track

Dida wishes Kunal and Mauli’s lives come back on track, and they move on in life. Radhika knows Ishaan is the best for Mauli. She wants Mauli to move on with Ishaan, who would give father’s love to Mishti. Kunal objects to Mauli’s engagement. He doesn’t want Mauli to marry Ishaan. He accuses Mauli for snatching his rights. Mauli accuses him for failing in keeping relationships. She questions him if he would return in their lives, if Nandini was alive. She counts Kunal’s mistakes. She asks him to go away, since he has left his family helpless six years ago. Mishti also learns the shocking truth that Kunal is her father. She finds Mauli and Kunal arguing. Mauli sends away Mishti. She doesn’t let Kunal meet Mishti.

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