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TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming on Star Plus… Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar to reveal Lovely’s ugly truth… Sikandar tells Amyra that he loves her a lot and wants her to promise that she won’t trouble Kulfi. Amyra promises her. He tells the family that he didn’t learn anything about Tevar and Kulfi. Lovely feels proud of Amyra. She wants Amyra to just keep Kulfi away. Kulfi believes that Sikandar can never steal Tevar’s song. She wants Tevar to talk to Sikandar. She tries to talk to Sikandar. She isn’t allowed to make the phone call. She requests the man to allow her to make the important call. Sikandar gets clues about Tevar. He learns about Tevar’s manager and rushes to meet him. Tevar meets DK and falls in misunderstanding that Sikandar has intentionally stolen the song.

Ishqbaaz Shivay lines up surprises for Anika… Shivay expresses his love for Anika by bringing the sky stars live for her. He tells her that he wanted to tell her how much he loves her. Nani stops them from meeting each other. She catches them and asks their teams to keep them away. She wants Shivay and Anika to stay away, but they can’t. Rudra changes the team and joins Shivay. He wants to be with his brother. Everyone switches their team just for fun. Nani asks them to prepare for Mehendi rasam. Shivay and Anika enjoy the rituals that brings them more closer. They share a lovely chat and yearn for each other. Shivay wants to tell I love you to Anika. Anika expects Shivay’s romantic surprise. He makes excuse of work and rushes out of the function to meet Anika.

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YHM: Divorce twist initiates interesting track… Raman gets saddened thinking of his failure to give the bonus to his staff on Diwali. Ishita understands his feelings. He tells her that Sudha is playing with their emotions, she always makes them helpless. He gets fed up to beg Sudha all the time. He tells Ishita that he just wishes to die. Ishita tells him that he can’t lose hope, he is the hope of the family, suicide isn’t an option ever. She asks him to trust Lord and then his family. Raman doesn’t know how will he manage his debts. The family comes up with a solution to help him. They give away their assets and jewelry to help Raman clear off the debts. They explain Raman that family means the most to him, they will share this problem together and solve it. Raman feels bad when the women give away their jewelry.

Yeh Rishta: Happy moments to bloom in Goenka family… Kartik and Naira have sweet moments of love and romance, when they commence their Diwali with warmth. Kartik likes Naira’s stunning beauty and asks her not to torture him this way. They find a time to romance, after much family tension. Rukmani returns. She plans to meet Goenkas and Singhanias. Kartik and Naira stay in their own happy world. They face a problem when they realize that they are forgetting something major. They realize that they missed to arrange Diwali gifts. Goenkas perform the Diwali puja together as one big happy family. Naksh misses Kirti and Naitik. He wanted some more family members to add up in the celebrations. Rukmani joins them. Naksh gets suspecting on Rukmani, after seeing her weird behavior.

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