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Ishq Mein Marjawa: Virat has come back and wants to take revenge from Deep. Virat kidnaps Aarohi and takes her away. Abhimanyu follows Virat and reaches the godown. He gets a big shock on finding Virat alive. Abhimanyu fights with Virat in order to save Aarohi. He stops Virat from killing Aarohi. Abhimanyu has feelings for Aarohi. He wants to be with her always. Tara and Virat catch Aarohi and Abhimanyu. Tara aims gun at Aarohi. Abhimanyu asks her not to shoot Aarohi. Tara and Virat join hands with Aarohi and Abhimanyu shockingly. Tara proposes a plan to find the new mastermind killing people in the house, so that they can together take revenge on their new enemy. Tara and Aarohi agree to work together and make a team.

Mariam Khan:

Mariam has fallen in love with Fawad. She likes to be around him. She finds excuses to be with him. Biji finds Mariam in love and teases her. Biji asks Mariam to realize, that she worries for Fawad a lot. Mariam gets happy seeing Fawad sleeping in peace. Mariam gets shy when Biji catches her. Mariam will be realizing her love. Even Fawad starts liking her. The moments build up between them. Fawad is hurt by Bhakti’s cheat, and loses believe in love.

Yeh Rishta:

Dadi gets worried for a problem. She tells them that staff is on leave today. She wonders who will do all the work. The family decides to share the work and end the tasks on time. Samarth proposes this solution and impresses everyone. He tells Dadi that he will clean the house and begin right away. Dadi tells him that its not his work. Manish asks Samarth not to do any work. Akhilesh suggests to call staff from office.


Bua scolds Muskaan for becoming a problem for them. She explains Gayatri that Muskaan isn’t the perfect bahu of their house, she has become a danger on Sir ji. She says if anything happens to Sir ji, then you won’t be able to forgive yourself, you will regret for supporting Muskaan after the pandit’s bad prediction. She says this girl is a threat to Sir ji and Ronak. She asks Muskaan to leave if she wants them to live happy. Bunty starts taunting Ronak and turns him helpless. He asks Ronak if he doesn’t love Gayatri and wants to see her as a widow. Ronak stops himself from going after Muskaan. He gets defeated by Sir ji’s plan.

Jiji Maa: New entry to bring interesting twists… Suyash and Falguni spend time and are happy to be together. They enjoy the pre-marriage phase. Jayant informs that his sister Haryali is coming home. Uttara is scared of Haryali Jiji. She makes prayers and offerings. She wishes Haryali doesn’t come home, or she comes and doesn’t see anything wrong in her doings. Shom tells Uttara that her prayer isn’t answered, Haryali has already arrived. He complains to her about Falguni. He tells her how Falguni is trying to impressing Haryali by preparing badam halwa.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: New entry to stun Ishita… Ishita and her daughters handle Sudha’s clever tricks by taking the baraat for Rohan and Karan at Sudha’s house. They create a huge drama to compel Sudha to fall in front of them. Ishita succeeds in turning Sudha’s sons into her servants, so that the guys learn their mistake of making a mockery of marriage. While Ishita and entire Bhalla family get busy in teaching them a lesson and bringing them on the right path, Sudha comes up with new ways to divert Bhallas’ attention by setting more problems. Sudha isn’t letting Raman and Ishita stay in peace. She traps Raman in false allegations. Raman falls in legal troubles. Sudha adds up troubles for Raman again.

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