Ishq SubhanAllah: Ruksar distances Kabeer-Zara

Ishq SubhanAllah Ruksar ugly accusation shocks Kabeer

Ishq SubhanAllah: Zara gets insecure because of Ruksar. She tells Kabeer that she will take Ruksar’s responsibility, but he doesn’t need to bother. He tells her that he has married Ruksar, and now Ruksar is his responsibility. He doesn’t want Zara to get any burden. Ruksar acts kiddish. She creates distance between Kabeer and Zara. Ruksar wants Kabeer with her. She takes him to her room to play games and study. Zara stops Kabeer from being with Ruksar. He asks Zara not to interfere and let him teach Ruksar.

Kabeer spends time with Ruksar. Kabeer and Zara get into a bitter argument. Zara can foresee what Kabeer can’t. She senses Ruksar is still after Kabeer. Zara goes away and cries. She breaks down thinking of Kabeer’s annoyance. Kabeer sings a lullaby to put Ruksar to sleep. Zara tries to convince Ruksar, but in vain. Kabeer breaks Zara’s heart. Ruksar becomes a reason of the rift between them.


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