Aapke Aa Jane Se: New love tale of Vedika-Jacky begins

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika and Sahil's happy union finally

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika finds Jacky injured. She helps Jacky. Jacky keeps the fast for Vedika. He falls down and twists his foot. He gets in pain. Arya finds Jacky hurt. She thinks he is Sahil and cares for him. She asks him to drink the milk and end the fast. He refuses to break the fast. Vedika looks after Jacky and wants him to get fine. Jacky starts feeling for Vedika. Arya and Sahil have a friendly bond. Arya doesn’t know Jacky’s truth. Jacky’s intentions aren’t clear to Vedika. She just wants him to hep her protect her children.

The Agarwal family celebrate Teej festive. Badi Amma calls Vedika and Sahil for the puja. Vedika attends the puja with Jacky. Jacky gets glad that his injury is bringing Vedika close. They have a moment. Jacky hides his feelings from Vedika. He wants her to look after herself.

He wonders if the fate is bringing them together. He supports Vedika. He asks Vedika not to exhaust herself by the household chores. He makes Vedika rest and gives her medicines. When she refuses, he pampers her and convinces her to take medicines. His sweet behavior reminds her of Sahil. This makes Vedika too lost grieving for Sahil’s loss.

Ved gets a bad dream and turns scared. He sees Vedika sleeping. He runs to Jacky, thinking he is Sahil. Jacky finds Ved terrified. He pacifies Ved and puts him to sleep. Vedika finds Ved missing from the room. She tries to find him. She sees Ved with Jacky and vents out anger on Jacky. Jacky clarifies how Ved came to him in a terrified state. Vedika gets angry on him, that he didn’t inform her. Jacky tells her that he is just trying to help her and her children. He doesn’t want any misunderstandings to make Vedika away.


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