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Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

High Five Spoilers on Telly Reviews. Main Maayke Chale Jaungi: Jaya, Rama and Satya have a family picnic. Samar too accompanies the ladies and forgets the stressful situations of their lives. Satya falls in the pool and shouts for help. Rama tries to save Satya. She falls in the pool as well. Rama too shouts for help. Rama and Satya struggle to swim. Rama forgets whatever Satya has done until now. Rama just wants to support Satya. Bittu has thrown Satya in the pool by tying her feet, just to take revenge on her. He doesn’t want to spare Satya’s life.

Jaya reaches there in time and saves Rama and Satya. Satya gets irked seeing Jaya saving Rama first. Jaya tells Satya that she didn’t see their faces and just held a hand to pull. Samar jumps in the pool and saves Satya. Samar realizes her mistakes thinking how Rama and Samar came to her rescue, instead Jaya. Satya changes her mindset over Rama and Samar. Jaya apologizes to Satya and clarifies her stand.

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega:
Guddan hurts Akshat’s feelings. Akshat feels that Antara isn’t with him because of his mistakes. He breaks down in guilt. He shares his heart with Guddan and sheds tears. Guddan makes many mistakes. She writes an apology note for Akshat. He feels bad reading the note. He thinks its his mistake to not be at the place where he is needed. He feels incapable for doing good to the family. He tries to make Antara’s favorite food. He fails to make any dish, while inking in sorrow. Guddan didn’t wish to hurt Akshat. She wants to handle Akshat. She connects with his true love and sorrow.

Internet Wala Love:

Shubhankar is blamed for match fixing. People get angry on Shubhankar for his fraud. Shubhankar breaks down and also gets attacked by the angry crowd. Aadhya saves Shubhankar from the people’s anger. She rushes him out of the cafe and tries to seek help. She takes Shubhankar to the hospital all alone with much difficulty. She is handling all the problems. She expected Jai to help her, but she didn’t get his help. When he reaches the hospital late after learning the problem, Aadhya gets angry on him. Aadhya slaps Jai and vents anger on him. She feels Jai won’t help her in need. She gets into an argument with Jai. Jai doesn’t know what problems she is facing. He angrily rushes out of the hospital. Aadhya will know what Aishwarya is behind this bad conspiracy.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Sameer doesn’t let Naina know about his big sacrifice and skips all his exams. He doesn’t let any of his friends know about it either. He was worried about the result and the storm which it will bring. Naina checks Sameer’s name in the result list and finds him absent for the exam and that’s why failed. Naina looks at Sameer who is standing behind her. Sameer looks on tensed and tries to hide the truth from Naina. Naina gets angry with his lie and confronts him why he didn’t write the exams. Munna and Pandit are also unaware of this and asks Sameer. Sameer is forced to tell the truth which shocks Naina. She understands and gets touched that Sameer wasted his academic year to save her respect and didn’t tell her anything as he didn’t want her exams to get affected.

Shakti: Harman comes to Soumya’s house and greets her morning. Soumya wakes up hearing him. Harman wants to make her meet her family. Soumya says my parents are no more. Harman asks who told you this, did Sameer mislead you. He says you will know if Sameer told the truth or lied to you. He takes her to Maninder’s house and calls him. Maninder comes out. Harman says he is your papa, do you remember something. Nani also comes and gets emotional seeing Soumya. She asks are you alive? She gets happy to meet her and hugs her. Soumya gets surprised meeting her family. She realizes Sameer lied to her.


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