Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep arrested for Aarohi’s murder

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep arrested for Aarohi's murder

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep gets insulted and blamed for a murder. Abhimanyu starts scolding Deep. They have a fight. Abhimanyu calls the police to get Deep arrested for Manpreet’s murder. The police starts their investigation. Tara stops Deep and Abhimanyu’s fight. She wants the truth to come out. Police questions everyone and learns that Deep was injured at the time of Manpreet’s murder. Abhimanyu tells the inspector that Deep was always against Manpreet. Inspector tells the family that he has got the proof against Deep. He handcuffs Deep and arrests him. Abhimanyu vents anger on Deep for killing Manpreet.

Deep warns Abhimanyu against making another mistake. Abhimanyu shows his aggressive side. He attacks on Deep, without caring about the consequences. Abhimanyu tells Deep that he has got Manpreet home to help Vasundara. He regrets that Deep has killed Manpreet. Abhimanyu angrily goes with the police to see Manpreet’s body. Abhimanyu insults Deep in front of the media. He rushes to get Manpreet/Aarohi’s body from the police van. Aarohi is very much alive and traps Deep in Manpreet’s murder case. Deep lands in jail, despite being innocent. Will Deep learn Aarohi’s plan? Keep reading.


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