Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely’s unthinkable move next

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Lovely's unthinkable move next

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala: Sikandar challenges Lovely that Kulfi will come back to him, since their relation is made of truth and trust. His belief soon turns true. He feels there is some unknown connection between them, that’s so strong and doesn’t need any blood ties. Sikandar and Kulfi have a union. Kulfi comes back home and calls him Baba. Sikandar gets happily surprised and hugs her. They both shed tears and cry. The fate has kept them away for many years. The father-daughter duo meet after a long time. Mahendar and Bebe get happy that Sikandar has got his lost daughter back.

Kulfi has got her doting daughter. Kulfi tells him that she was finding him everywhere, being with him. She tells Sikandar that she came to Mumbai just to meet her biological father. Amyra gets a huge shock seeing Kulfi with Sikandar. Sikandar breaks his relation with Lovely. Lovely demands him to throw out Kulfi. He asks Sikandar to choose either Kulfi or Amyra.

Sikandar chooses Kulfi. Lovely wants to punish Sikandar. She takes away Amyra from Sikandar. He didn’t wish Amyra and Lovely to get away. He gets separated with Lovely, only after her big condition.

Amyra cries and wants to go to Sikandar. Lovely doesn’t let Amyra be with Sikandar and his family. She breaks Sikandar and Amyra’s hearts. Sikandar and Amyra can’t live without each other. Sikandar sheds tears for losing Amyra. He gets a share of happiness and sorrow as well. Lovely makes the shocking move by striking on Sikandar’s weakness once again. She makes sure that Amyra doesn’t return to Sikandar. Lovely has already ruined Tevar’s life and put him in huge troubles. She wants to make sure that Sikandar gets ruined as well.

Lovely reaches Tony and Cutie’s house and tells them about Sikandar’s decision to choose Kulfi over them. She breaks out that the big truth is known to everyone now. She fails to stop Sikandar and Kulfi’s union. Sikandar decides to do justice for Kulfi some how. He regrets a lot for losing his daughter, but he rejoices over getting Kulfi back. It gets an emotional moment for him when Kulfi calls him Baba.


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