TGI Friday’s Telly Spoilers: Jiji Maa and more

TGI Friday 7 Upcoming Telly Hits 28th June 2019

Jiji Maa: Falguni finds Niyati stuck in the big mess. She learns about Niyati’s whereabouts and runs to save her. She climbs on the crane to save Niyati from death. Suyash and Vidhaan reach the spot as well, and rescue their wives. Vidhaan and Niyati have a union. He tells her that he will not marry anyone else, since she means him everything. Suyash also tells Falguni that nobody can change their bond, they will always be together. Suyash tells Falguni that they didn’t expect Niyati to be caught in this trouble. Niyati tells them that she left the house by her will, but the goons kidnapped her to kill. Niyati feels fortunate to have Falguni in her life. Falguni is a motherly figure for Niyati, and keeps her responsibilities well.

Internet Wala Love: Aadhya calls Jai repeatedly, but he doesn’t pick her call, thanks to Rupa’s conspiracy. She gets worried seeing Shubhankar heavily injured and asks people to help her, but nobody helps her. She calls Jai with the hope that he will pick her call, but he is busy partying on Rupa’s birthday. She manages to take Shubhankar to the hospital and asks the Doctor to save her father.

Jai comes to know about this and repents for not picking her calls. He goes there and tries to clarify Aadhya about his helplessness, but she doesn’t listen to him and slaps him hard. Jai is shocked. Aadhya asks him not to come close and blames Jai for the happenings. Jai is shocked. Misunderstandings increase between Jai and Aadhya because of Rupa and Samrat’s conspiracies.

Harman tells Soumya that 10 days are of him and she has to do whatever he asks her in these 10 days. He takes her to an iron smith and gives him ghungroo/anklet asking him to make a knife from it. Soumya gets black and white flashes of Nimmi giving ghungroo to iron smith for making knife. The iron smith gives him a knife after making it. Harman gives it in Soumya’s hand and asks her to protect herself with it, whenever she senses danger to her life. He says it is your shield and your Shakti/strength. Soumya recalls Nimmi saying the same thing while handing over the knife to her in childhood. Harman takes this initiative to make Soumya remember her childhood, past and him. Harman tells her that he will take her to his house where his family members will identify her.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai: Anand asks Sameer about his marks/percentage in exams. Sameer gets tensed and doesn’t know what to say. He makes an excuse and diverts the topic. He realizes Naina is too practical and he is too emotional like Vishaka had said. Naina gets angry with him for wasting his year and ignores his sacrifice. Sameer gets very much upset with her and gets angry with himself for being emotional. Meanwhile, Mr. Sumani and Vishaka visit Nana ji’s house. Mama ji and Mami tell them about Sameer’s result day today. Sunaina comes to Sameer’s house and tells that that Sameer was absent for all exams and that’s why failed. Vishaka is upset with him. Mr. Sumani gets a chance to scold Sameer. Vishaka confronts Sameer and asks why he didn’t write his exams. Sameer tells her about his sacrifice for Naina, and Naina ignoring his sacrifice and blaming him instead.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:

Ilaychi and Pancham try to romance. Murari and Karuna come on the terrace and break their romance. Murari shows the yoga tricks and asks Pancham to try it too. He wants Pancham to stay away from Ilaychi. He gets suspicious on them. He sends Pancham to the shop. Murari always comes between Pancham and Ilaychi. She fools Murari with her sweet talks once again. Pancham gets troubled. He doesn’t know how will he talk to Murari to ask for Ilaychi’s hand. Pancham is too scared of Murari.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika keeps the Teej fast for Sahil, but celebrates it with Jacky, since she has made him Sahil for the family. Badi Amma makes Vedika and Jacky perform the Teej puja together. Vedika is happy that everything seems fine in the family now. She just wants to keep Jacky away. Jacky becomes happy to live as Sahil and share good moments with Vedika. Badi Amma calls the Suhaagans/married women home for the puja completion. Arya finds Vedika in some dilemma and tries to help.

Roop: Roop thinks if he shall tell Ishika or not about Ranvir’s cheap condition, but he thinks of not telling her else she will get stressed. He doesn’t get a chance to talk to Kamla and inform about his relationship status and deal with Ishika. Ranvir meets Kamla and tells her about Roop’s deal with Ishika. This gets shocking Kamla. Kamla shows the bangles which she got made for Roop’s wife and hopes everything is fine between them. Roop is worried for Ishika and thinks if Rupesh gets fine, then Ishika will get separated from him. He thinks Ranvir might take her advantage. He determines to make Ishika fall for him so that their relation turns true. He only intends to protect his lady love.


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