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TR’s Quick Reads … Aapke Aa Jane Se: Jacky tries to get Vedika’s attention. Jacky injures himself intentionally so that Vedika cares for him. He deliberately slips down the stairs. Vedika and everyone rushes to help him. Jacky gets happy to get her support. He likes being with her. He falls in love with Vedika, seeing her sacrifices for her children. He tries to become Sahil and win her heart. He keeps Teej fast, since she can’t keep the fast in pregnant state.

Ishq Mein Marjawa: Deep gets arrested for Manpreet’s murder. Deep escapes from the police. He runs away on right time. He tries to save himself. Tara helps Deep in his escape. They trick the police. Aarohi and Abhimanyu catch Deep once again. Aarohi keeps a tracker with Deep and gets him caught again. Deep lands in the court for the verdict. Aarohi just wants him to pay for his crimes.

Ishq SubhanAllah:
Zara tells Kabeer that he should work hard for the sake of his wife and parents. She tells him that she will get away from him, if he doesn’t earn well. She tells Kabeer that she needs money from him so that her needs get fulfilled. She tells the family that she will stay separated from them. She wants to live in the outhouse. Kabeer gets angry on her and asks her to pay rent for the outhouse if she has so much self esteem. Zara pays him the rent.

Kabeer stops her from calling Shahbaz. She warns Kabeer that she will be his lawful wife, but wants him to become a dutiful husband. Kabeer sells the jewellery and gives money to Zara. Zara gets stubborn to change Kabeer for the good, but her behavior gets too upsetting that the entire family gets against her. Kabeer asks Zara to be happy with the money. Zara refuses to accept the money that’s not earned by his hardwork. She wants him to do a job and get money. Aisha loses her cool and slaps Zara to stop her madness.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:

Mariam and Fawad perform in Aaliya’s birthday party. They get into a moment of romance. He wants to confess love to Mariam. He gets smitten by her charming smile. He likes her a lot. He gets speechless. She finds him restless and asks him to tell her what does he want to say. He gets stuck. She asks him to complete the sentence. Fawad gets mesmerized seeing Mariam. He feels she really looks pretty like a princess. She dances with the kids. Fawad turns smiling seeing her. He doesn’t know how to profess his feelings to her. He wants to propose her.


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