Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh to meet his daughter

Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh to meet his daughter

Meri Hanikarak Biwi: Akhilesh gets parting with Ira because of her big lie about his reversal surgery. He falls in Trinetri baba’s trap when he gets helpless to save Pushpa. He is ready to do anything to save his mother’s life. He seeks help from Baba and gets Pushpa’s life restored in no time. Akhilesh ends up promising Baba that he will give his first child to Baba and sacrifice his fatherhood. He gets lying to Baba on the former’s insistence. Akhilesh feels sorry that he is hiding the big truth about Baba and making a false promise. Little does he know that he is really going to become a father. Akhilesh gets into an ideal son’s mode and doesn’t care for Ira for a while. Akhilesh realizes that he has to serve his mother in the time of need. Pushpa recovers from the deadly heart attack.

Ira learns about Akhilesh’s promise to Baba that he will give away his first child. Ira realizes how helpless Akhilesh was, when he made this promise. She doesn’t hold him responsible for breaking the family, but understands the decision taken in critical time. Ira goes away from Akhilesh. She leaves the city to protect her child from Trinetri baba.

Ira boards a bus, which unfortunately meets with an accident. When Akhilesh and Pushpa try to track Ira and reconsider getting her back, they receive this shocking news that Ira met with the fatal accident and couldn’t survive. Akhilesh breaks down with the misconception of Ira’s death, while Ira somewhere far in another city raises Akhilesh’s daughter all along. The show is taking a leap in the coming episode, introducing Akhilesh and Ira’s little daughter. Akhilesh attends a wrestling match in Banaras, and comes across his daughter, who fights a wrestler at such a young age. She leaves an impression on him.


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