Telly Reviews Hits Star Plus Dadi’s ire; Sudha’s murder plan

Star Yeh Rishta Dadi turns villain for Naira's life

Telly Reviews Hits: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Kartik tells Lav and Kush that he will teach them dance instead Naira. Naira dances aggressively, while Kartik clicks her pictures. He thinks she can stay annoyed, but she has to stay safe. He wants Naira to be brave, but not foolish. Naira feels dizzy after much dancing. Dadi gets restless to meet Singhanias. She wants to tell them about Gayu. She meets Kirti and learns that Singhanias aren’t at home. She asks Kirti to call Gayu back, so that Kartik doesn’t get disturbed. Kirti asks if Gayu has done something. Dadi doesn’t clear anything about Gayu’s deeds. She tells Kirti that she shouldn’t ask for the reason. Dadi tells Kirti that Gayu may ruin Kartik and Naira’s relationship. She doesn’t like Gayu’s behavior. She asks Kirti to save Kartik’s marriage.

Kirti tells Dadi that Gayu had changed her mind and sacrificed her love just for the sake of Naira, knowing Kartik loves only Naira. Dadi fears that Gayu’s love can get back. Kirti asks Dadi not to doubt on Kartik and Gayu’s friendship. Dadi doesn’t want Kirti to take Gayu’s guarantee. Dadi returns home and finds Kartik and Gayu’s close friendship. She gets shaming Gayu for ruining Naira’s life by coming in between Kartik and Naira’s happy relationship.

She wants Gayu to leave from their house. Kartik and Naira get defensive of Gayu, and tell Dadi that she is wrong. Dadi asks Gayu not to get close to Karitk. She knows that Gayu was interested to marry Kartik. Naira tells Dadi that Gayu’s intentions aren’t wrong.

She stops Dadi from hurting Gayu’s sentiments. Dadi tells them that she can’t see their relation breaking. Kartik asks Dadi to change her thinking. Dadi reprimands them for taking Gayu’s side. She asks them if they think she is a fool to warn them. Manish and Suwarna feel bad that Dadi has accused Gayu. Gayu packs her bags and apologizes to Naira. She wants to leave from Goenka house. She tells Naira that she is heartbroken and wants to just be on her own. Kartik asks Dadi about making it so odd for him. He wants to know how Dadi got this random thing in mind. Dadi tells her that she worries for his marriage. Naira doesn’t let Gayu leave.

She tells Dadi that she can’t be right all the time. She says Kartik and I won’t let anyone interfere in their relationship. She respects Dadi’s word and lets Gayu leave. Manish and Suwarna find Dadi’s way of expressing totally wrong. Gayu asks Kartik not to apologize, since its not his mistake. Gayu doesn’t want them to feel bad of Dadi’s words.

Naira turns too upset with Gayu’s leaving. The stress triggers her mental health again. Naira hides her state from Kartik. She wants to know why is she feeling so uneasy. She gets upset with Kartik’s behavior towards her. Kartik feels bad for hurting her heart.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Raman learns about Payal’s background. Bala meets Payal and tells Raman that she is his student. He tells Payal that Raman and Ishita are good people, while Sudha is a fraud woman. He asks Payal not to come in Sudha’s words. He makes Payal realize her mistake. Payal apologizes to them. She tells them that she just wanted financial help from Sudha so that she gets her brother’s treatment done. Ishita assures that she will help her financially. Raman asks Payal to testify against Sudha. Ishita comes up with an idea to just play the same game with Sudha. Sudha fails to find Payal. She wonders where did Payal go. She wants to confront Raman.

Raman and Ishita succeed in winning Payal’s confidence. Raman makes a plan to ensure that Sudha fails in her plans. Sudha gets a shock finding Bhallas in her house. Raman tells Sudha that he has a surprise for her. Karan and Rohan continue to bear the tortures in Bhalla house. Mrs. Bhalla wants them to work as waiters in Jagrata. They refuse to work at neighbor’s house.

Mihika asks them to just work as they are kept for that. Karan and Rohan really see some bad days. Raman and Ishita tell Sudha that she didn’t do good homework while making Payal’s trap fool proof. Raman makes Payal speak up the truth behind her dad’s death by dengue.

Payal tells them that Sudha is taking advantage of her father’s death. Sudha gets framed in her own strategy. She fails to prove that she is innocent. Raman tells her that she is the owner of the company and she needs to look into the legal matters well. He asks her to bear the penalty, being the company owner. Sudha fails to prove anything. Mani threatens Sudha against her misbehavior. He tells Sudha that Raman isn’t alone.


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