Internet Wala Love: Jai to expose Samrat’s evil

Internet Wala Love Jai on verge of realizing love

Internet Wala Love: Rupa thinks Jai and Aadhya will never get close after whatever she has done with them. Jai pulls Aadhya closer and tells her that he didn’t send any message to her, and he has not done anything against Shubhankar. They understand that someone is involved who wants to take revenge on them. They clear their misunderstanding. Jai confesses to her that he likes her. He gets romantic for a moment. Jai makes a plan to catch the enemy.

Jai gets suspicious about Aishwarya and follows her. He takes a disguise to know whom is Aishwarya meeting. Jai delivers the pizza and gets to see Samrat with her. He learns that Samrat is still plotting against him. He beats up Samrat and reveals his real avatar. Samrat and Jai have a fight. Samrat attacks Jai. Aadhya learns that Samrat has caught up Jai. Aishwarya asks Samrat to leave Jai free.

Jai tells Samrat that he knew that its him behind the plotting to make Aadhya against. Jai wanted to know who is their hidden enemy, creating misunderstandings between Aadhya and him.

Jai’s doubt gets certain. He confronts Samrat and takes the same old man disguise to catch him. They have a big confrontation regarding Aadhya. Samrat wants to kill him. Aishwarya calls up the family to control Samrat’s madness. Aadhya and Rupa reach there with the family. Everyone gets concerned for Jai. They scold Samrat for becoming his brother’s enemy. Samrat gets angry on them. Aadhya calls the police there. She gets Samrat arrested. Samrat tells everyone that Jai is in love with Aadhya. He blames Jai for snatching his love. Aadhya finds Shubhankar, whom Samrat had kidnapped. Jai saves Shubhankar’s life and turns helpful for Aadhya again. Aadhya tells Shubhankar about Samrat’s evil plans. Shubhankar gets grateful to Jai. Will Jai and Aadhya’s love come on track? Keep reading.


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