Quick Reads Spoilers Jiji Maa, Ishq Mein Marjawa

Ishq Mein Marjawa Goa track to mark Mr. X's revelation

Jiji Maa: There is a new trouble for Falguni. Falguni delivers the baby. She wants to handover the baby to Vidhaan and Niyati. She learns that the new born baby is kidnapped. She informs Suyash about the baby lost. Suyash and Falguni try to find the baby. Suyash takes a disguise to find the baby. Falguni gets hurt when the goon throws a knife at her back. She gets broken down and prays that the baby is fine. She reaches the jungle only to save the kidnapped child. Suyash gets into a fight with the goons. He ties him the goon to the tree. Suyash demands the goon to return the child. Falguni tries to find Suyash, who also goes away. Falguni learns that this is Uttara’s plan to put them in danger. Suyash and Falguni finally meet. Suyash tells her that he couldn’t find the baby. Suyash and Falguni point the gun at the goon to get the truth out.

Ishika doesn’t want to forgive Roop. He gets a sorry cake for her. She asks him not to act smart. She doesn’t forgive him and makes him serve her well. Roop becomes her reliever. They get stuck inside the room. They try to go out.

Ishq Mein Marjawa:
Deep loses his cool when the jail mates trouble him. Virat is against Deep now. Virat joins hands with Aarohi and Abhimanyu. He wants to ruin Deep’s life. He tells Deep that he is defamed now and lost all the prestige and reputation earned in the society because of the murder blame on him. Deep worries for his bad fate, thinking even Tara and Virat aren’t loyal to him. Virat has a problem with Deep. He gets troubling Deep. He scolds Deep when he fights Deep in the serious fight. Deep gets tortured now and then. Virat decides to isolate Deep in the cell, so that Deep doesn’t harm anything.

Chakor believes that someone is trying to frame Raghav. The person doesn’t want Raghav to support Chakor and save Anjor. The person envies Chakor and Anjor’s happy life. The enemy wants Chakor and Anjor to suffer after Suraj’s death. Chakor gets a threatening call from the hidden enemy. She doesn’t want anyone to target Anjor. Chakor gives a chance to Raghav. She reaches some place to find the culprit. She wants to nab him. The enemy threatens of killing Anjor. Chakor blasts anger on the culprit. She completely believes Raghav. She wants to secure Anjor. She leaves Anjor with protective Raghav.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:
Puneesh wants to know if Sahil is really dead or alive. He recalls that he has shot at Sahil, but maybe he has shot Jacky that time. Sahil and Jacky are twins. Puneesh got mistaken and shot Jacky to death in the hospital. Vedika turns restless at home when she senses Sahil in danger. She gets praying for Sahil. Vedika learns about Sahil and Jacky’s relation of being twins. Puneesh will be realizes Sahil’s identity.

Mauli and Kunal meet as planned by destiny. Mauli gets distracted by Kunal. She doesn’t want Kunal with her. They share the space in relief camp. Mauli gets to see Kunal’s gesture as a good father, when he manages a baby. Kunal questions Mauli for hiding about her pregnancy. He admits that he has been wrong to suspect her pregnancy and leave her. He tells her that she could have told him about the pregnancy. He feels Mauli has taken a wrong decision because of her ego. Mauli has other thoughts in mind. She regrets to hide about Mishti’s birth from Kunal. Even when she wasn’t at fault years ago, Kunal makes her feel guilty for snatching Mishti’s father.


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