Udaan: Raghav’s resemblance with Suraj gets higher

Suraj gets higher

Udaan: Chakor tells Raghav about the culprit knowing everything about their house activities. Raghav asks her if the culprit is someone close to them. He doubts on uncle’s sons and son-in-law Akash. Raghav fits well in Suraj’s place and gets concerned for the family safety. He tells Chakor that maybe Rohit is the culprit. He tells her that Rohit had a fight with Rajjo the day before the incident. Raghav stops Rohit and questions him. Rohit answers Raghav that he was with his father at the time of incident. Raghav sees money bag with Rohit. He finds something fishy. Chakor and Raghav have an argument.

Chakor stops him from questioning Rohit. Tejaswini asks them if Imli is behind the conspiracy. She gets scared that Imli has come back. She asks Chakor to protect them from Imli. She wants to keep Anjor safe. Chakor tells Tejaswini that Imli can’t do anything now. Tejaswini fumes on Raghav for blaming Rohit for Rajjo’s incident. She dislikes Raghav more. Raghav asks Chakor who is Imli. Chakor tells him about her evil sister Imli. Imli is trying to get back in the family by using Rohit. She pays the money to Rohit.

Chakor explains Raghav that they shall be careful from now on. Raghav apologizes to her in her cute way. Chakor forgives him. He tells her that he is trying to help and find Rajjo’s culprit. Chakor calms down Raghav’s anger over the culprit. Chakor fears that Imli will come back in their lives and create troubles. Chakor finds Raghav’s behavior getting similar to Suraj, when Raghav starts caring for the family the same way. She wonders why is her heart deceiving her, by making her see Suraj in Raghav. Chakor gets clueless about Raghav and Suraj’s similarity and connection. Chakor knows Suraj is no more, and Raghav can’t be Suraj. Even then, she tries to judge Raghav by the eyes of her heart.


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