Yeh Rishta Naira gets stunned by Kartik’s reaction

Tonight in YRKKH: A new dilemma for Naira

Yeh Rishta Naira stays in her dilemma. Devyaani and Bhabhimaa give cute gifts to Kirti and make her happy. They make little baby clothes. Naira visits the family. She tells them that she was missing them. Naira sees the cute baby socks and gets more positive about her pregnancy. Kirti encourages her and tells her that pregnancy is a huge blessing. Naira wishes to tell them that she is pregnant. Naira rushes to home, thinking about Kartik’s reaction. She drops her reports at home. Naira doesn’t know how will she face Kartik and reveal this good news, which may not be good for him. Kartik meets Naira and confronts her for lying to him about the pregnancy. She tells him that she didn’t wish to trouble him.

He asks her if there is any complication. She gets lying to him further. He tells her that he is scared for her health. She feels sorry to lie to him. He feels sorry to talk to her rudely. He plans a surprise for her. He is sure that she will be super happy knowing the surprise. He asks Naksh not to let Naira know anything about the birthday surprise. Naira tries to tell Kartik about her pregnancy.

She tries different methods, but fails to convey it to him. She tells him that they will be soon turning into parents. She doesn’t want him to get angry on her. She wishes that he accepts her wish and hugs her on the joyous occasion. She sheds tears and goes away. She plans to have the baby in their lives and shower love on him. She wants Kartik to agree for welcoming the baby.

Kartik keeps the birthday surprise a secret and asks his family not to tell Naira. He tells Suwarna that he is arranging everything special for Naira. Singhanias plan gifts for Naira. Naira goes to sleep, only to be awaken by Kartik’s birthday surprise. He sweetly wishes her happy birthday. It gets revealed that Kartik didn’t know about her pregnancy yet and read the dance festival letter instead. Goenkas wish Naira for her birthday. Kartik tells them that he has already given the gift to Naira. He asks Naira to take up the dance festival opportunity. Naira stays confused. Kartik and Naira celebrate her birthday with love. Naira refuses to sign the dance competition invite, since she is pregnant. She doesn’t reveal the reason to them. Singhanias get the reports and learn about Naira’s pregnancy.


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