Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Parmeet to make a scheming entry

YHM Parmeet enters to create chaos in Bhallas' Christmas

Parmeet will be coming back in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. Rohan and Karan make a plan to break the Bhalla family by conspiring again. They get the hint of Simmi and Ishita’s clash over Ananya’s accidental death. They try to gather more information to know if Ishita is behind Ananya’s death. They want to use this against Ishita and Raman. They are sure that Simmi can help them get back to Sudha, if they instigate her against Ishita. Rohan and Karan get desperate to return home, being fed up of working as servants in Bhalla house and company.

Karan meets Sudha at the office and tells her that he wants to tell her something important that could help them in their battle against the Bhallas. Sudha gets positive. Raman stops them from communicating. He makes Karan out of Sudha’s cabin. Karan manages to leave a chit for Sudha and informs her about Simmi’s huge loss. Sudha gets to know about Ishita’s involvement in Ananya’s death. She tries to find out about Simmi and Parmeet’s past. She gets hopeful to have Parmeet on her side so that she can break down IshRa’s united family.



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