Silsila Mauli to choose Kunal over Ishaan

Silsila: Mauli to choose Kunal over Ishaan

Silsila Mauli was scared that Kunal will make Mishti away from her. She realizes that Kunal doesn’t intend to separate Mishti. She understands that Kunal is a good father, and doesn’t have any bad motive. Kunal wants Mishti and Mauli to stay happy together. Mauli regrets to lie about her pregnancy and lose Kunal forever. She feels sorry that Mishti isn’t getting Kunal’s love. Kunal loves Mishti as much as he loves Pari. He doesn’t express his love so that Mauli doesn’t take it wrong. Kunal doesn’t bond with Mishti.

He knows Ishaan is being a good father to Mishti. Mauli is moving on with Ishaan. Kunal doesn’t want complications in their lives. Mauli gets losing to her heart when she gets feelings revived for Kunal. She repents for losing her relationship with Kunal. She feels Kunal has a right on Mishti too. She also to get back to Kunal. She thinks of her fiance Ishaan. Mauli changes her mind seeing Mishti’s dislike for Kunal and Pari. Mishti gets excited for Ishaan and Mauli’s marriage. Mauli limits her feelings. Kunal learns about Mauli’s love for him, and wants to stop her from doing wrong with Ishaan.


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