Jiji Maa Leap: Suyash and Falguni's estranged relations

Jiji Maa: Suyash to blurt out the big truth

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Jiji Maa: Vidhaan advises Falguni and Suyash to stay away from the baby. He snatches the baby from Falguni. He tells Falguni that its his child, she is just a surrogate mother, he won’t give his child to them. Suyash reveals the shocking truth that the child belongs to Falguni and him. He angrily speaks everything. He says this baby was never yours, Falguni didn’t undergo the surrogacy because she was pregnant. Niyati and Vidhaan get a huge shock knowing this. Vidhaan can’t believe this and asks Suyash what was he saying. Falguni wants to hide the truth. Suyash says the truth will come out one day. He reveals the incidents that happened.

He tells Vidhaan that Falguni has lied to them just to sacrifice her happiness and give away the child. Vidhaan calls it a lie. Uttara interferes between and supports Vidhaan. Suyash tells Vidhaan that medical test can prove this with ease. Vidhaan calls him selfish to snatch his baby.

When Suyash calls the doctor to tell the truth, the doctor lies to the family. She proves Suyash and Falguni a liar. Suyash asks her to say the doctor. Doctor denies to know anything. Uttara has manipulated the matter. Suyash and Falguni have returned home just to manage business. Falguni wants to stay with the baby. Uttara has brainwashed Vidhaan. Vidhaan will soon realize the truth and understand the big sacrifice by Suyash and Falguni.


Doctor informs Ronak and Gayatri about Sir ji’s critical state. He says Singh has got a minor heart attack, he shouldn’t get any shock again. He asks Ronak to meet him once, since Singh was asking for him again and again. He asks Gayatri to meet him later. Ronak meets Sir ji and asks him about the heart attack. Sir ji finishes his illness drama and scolds Ronak. Ronak gets a shock knowing it was all a drama. Sir ji refuses to get Ronak and Muskaan married. He tells Ronak that he has done everything to stop the marriage.

Ronak compliments his drama. Gayatri hears Ronak and Sir ji’s talking. She goes in and asks why is Sir ji shouting. Ronak makes Sir ji continue the drama again. He asks his dad not to shout, when he is in the hospital. Ronak goes to Muskaan and learns that she is worried for Sir ji. He asks her how can she worry for the devil of her life. He tells her that Sir ji has done this heart attack drama to stop the marriage, but Gayatri has to bear this sorrow. He says its a fake heart attack to stop their fake marriage. He asks Muskaan not to let Gayatri learn the truth and let things go on as it is.







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