Mariam Khan to meet her father Majaaz

Mariam Khan to meet her father Majaaz

Mariam is getting married to Fawad. Mariam gets a message from Majaaz by the flying drone. Majaaz wants to convey Mariam that he wants to meet her. She feels happy that Majaaz knows her reality and wants to meet her. She cries reading his message. She wants to meet her dad and get all her answers. She couldn’t meet him. She knows Fawad’s hatred for Majaaz. She doesn’t want to lose the chance to meet Majaaz. Fawad is too protective about Mariam. He adores Mariam all the time. He tells her that they have to go office. He tells how much he misses her. Fawad is madly in love with Mariam. They have cute romance.

Mariam tells him about Majaaz’s note. She tells that she wants to meet Majaaz. Fawad gets upset hearing this. She tells him that there is something about Majaaz, that the world doesn’t know, its her duty to find it out and get him back in the family. She says everyone believes what is shown to them, I want to meet him once and know the truth, the reason for distance himself from us. She is sure that Majaaz won’t lie to him. She asks him to take her to Majaaz or allow her to go alone. Fawad tells her that he will accompany her, he is not against the truth, he also wants to find Majaaz’s truth. Mariam thankfully hugs him.



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