Shakti: Harman succeeds to rekindle his love

Shakti Bahu Begum Sarrdarrni Colors Spoilers

Shakti: Soumya gets flashes of Harman when he plays dhol in kinnars’ house. She tries to figure out and thinks she has seen this before, but then she recalls Sameer’s words and thinks she is hallucinating. Saya asks Soumya to get 5 kgs grains else Harman will not get food. Soumya gets shocked by her condition to stay in their house and refuses to comply. Harman reminds Soumya of his 10 days challenge. Soumya agrees to go to everyone house and take 5 kgs grains as a charity with kinnars’ help. Soumya, Harman, and others kinnars go out to get 5 kgs grains.

Soumya gives up when she couldn’t fulfill the target. Chameli reminds her that if she doesn’t take 5 kgs grains home then Harman can’t have food. Soumya says what I can do now, it is late night, we shall go home and asks them to come. She starts walking. Chameli tells Harman that it seems she will not agree easily this time. Harman says once she gets her memory, then she will come running to me. Chameli says but now she is going. Harman says now she is going but will return to him surely. He gives promise to her and asks her to turn. Soumya turns and looks at him. Harman gets positive.


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