TR’s Hits: Know Upcoming On Star Plus

Star Plus Upcoming Hits and Stunning twists

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan and Karan try to gather the evidence against Raman, Ishita and Bhallas. They want to act good to Bhallas so that they can capture Bhallas’ torture. Aaliya orders them to make snacks for the family. Rohan and Karan obey the orders. They don’t create any scene, which makes the Bhallas suspicious. Rohan and Karan try to hide the phone from them. They fix the phone for the purpose. Simmi gets torturing Rohan and Karan and treats them badly. This evidence gets recorded in the phone. Karan gets provoked by Simmi’s insults. Rohan asks Karan not to speak rudely to Simmi. Simmi complains about them to Raman. Raman gets insulting Karan.

Aaliya and Ruhi too scold Rohan for his bad cooking. Raman tells them that Rohan is doing some drama again. Karan begs to Raman and asks him not to beat him. Rohan and Karan act as victims. Raman scolds them for the unwanted drama. Simmi and Raman find their drama weird. Raman asks them to have the over salty food.

Rohan gives the good news to Sudha, that he has gathered the evidence against torturing Bhallas. Karan informs Sudha that Bhallas has locked them up. Sudha asks them to send the video clip to her. Rohan fails to send the video. She asks Rohan to keep the evidence safe. She assures that she will take them home by proving Raman and Ishita wrong. Ishita and Raman change their behavior suddenly and take care of Rohan and Karan nicely, after suspecting their plans. Rohan and Karan get puzzled by their too much good behavior. Ishita tells Raman that she has heard Rohan’s plan to send them to jail on the charges of domestic violence. Raman tells her that Sudha can come home any time. He looks for the phone planted in kitchen so that they can destroy the evidence.

Krishna Chali London:
Krishna succeeds to rescue Radhe and Shukla. She gets happy that they both are fine. Shukla understands the worth of family. He gets grateful to his wife and Krishna for saving him from his life’s biggest trouble. The police reaches there to catch Krishna and Shuklain. Krishna exposes the scam racket. She apologizes the officer for hurting him. The police gets thankful to Krishna for helping them nab the criminals. Krishna gets applauded by her bravery. Radhe tells Krishna that he has told the goons about the power of their love.

Meanwhile, Dadda gets auctioning Shukla Nivaas. He wants to get money and flee abroad. He gets a huge shock when Krishna fulfills the challenge and gets Radhe and Shukla back home alive. Dadda can’t believe that Krishna has done such a big thing. Shukla calls off the auction. He buys his house once again. Krishna and Radhe stop Dadda from calling his goons once again. Dadda rushes to kill the family. Shukla stops Dadda from harming the family. Shukla and Radhe get protective about the family again. Shukla reprimands Dadda for killing Vrinda and badly eyeing Shuklain.

He tells Dadda that he can’t hurt his own family for the sake of money. He feels indebted to Krishna for saving all of them. He threatens of killing Dadda if the latter tries to harm the family. Dadda tries to emotionally blackmail Radhe by revealing their blood ties. Radhe refuses to support the devil. Radhe tells him that he will never come to him. He calls Dadda an unlucky person. He just wants to respect Shukla and Shuklain as his parents. Radhe unites with his parents happily. Shukla apologizes to his wife and family for his mistakes. Krishna tells Shuklain that its time that she vents out her anger and frustration on Dadda. She empowers Shuklain to beat up Dadda and punish him.


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