Kulfi Kumar and Amyra to initiate big twists

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Amyra and Kulfi worry for their parents’ separation. They seek help from the school principal so that they can come up with a clever plan to unite Sikandar and Lovely. Kulfi sings

Kulfi Kumar and Amyra team up and share the house happenings. Amyra is much upset and tells her that Lovely has got Sikandar’s signed divorce papers. Kulfi tells her that Sikandar hasn’t send any such papers. She wants to know who has sent the papers. Sikandar gets the court summon. He doesn’t know who has sent those papers to Lovely. Gunjan has sent the papers so that she gets Lovely punished for her crimes. She doesn’t want to ruin more lives. Mohendar doubts on her. She accepts that she has sent the papers to Lovely for the sake of the family’s happiness and peace. Sikandar tells Gunjan that even if Lovely did wrong, she is his wife and he will decide about it.

Gunjan tells him that he isn’t happy with Lovely and she knows the relation’s truth. She tells Bebe that they didn’t spend a day in peace after Lovely’s coming. She gets upset on them for not understanding her. Sikandar tells Gunjan and Mahendar that even Lovely wants the divorce. He doesn’t want to regret more. He tells Mohendar that he will not mend his relation further.

Amyra and Kulfi meet in the garden and make new plans to stop Lovely and Sikandar from meeting their divorce lawyers. Amyra complains of stomach ache and gets Lovely by her side. Meanwhile, Kulfi gets Sikandar with her by asking him to teach her. Cutie asks Lovely to go and meet the lawyer, she will stay with Amyra. Lovely wants to avoid the divorce. Cutie sends her away. Amyra’s plan fails. Sikandar wants to inform the lawyer that he isn’t coming. Gunjan asks him to go and meet the lawyer, she will teach Kulfi. Sikandar and Lovely unwilling go. Amyra and Kulfi realize that they aren’t willing to take the divorce. Apoorv meets Sikandar and Lovely for handling their divorce.

Apoorv is the best divorce lawyer in town. He targets to break Sikandar and Lovely’s family, once he gets the divorce case in his hands. He doesn’t spare any couple, even if they want to reconcile. He tells Sikandar that he will make sure that the divorce happens soon. Sikandar and Lovely shed tears of sorrow, while their lawyers discuss the case. They both lose their dreams of togetherness. They recall their journey together. Lovely gets emotional. Apoorv asks Lovely to ask for settlement.

Sikandar’s lawyer asks Apoorv to talk to Sikandar and Lovely and try to understand if they really want a divorce, or if they want to give another chance to their sinking relation. Lovely doesn’t want to step ahead. Lovely agrees for the counselling. Sikandar and Lovely answer the lawyers and conclude their problems. Lovely keeps her heart open, while Sikandar also reveals his numerous efforts put up in his relations. They get into an argument. Sikandar tells her that he can’t change for her. Lawyers sense their problems. Sikandar tells Lovely that she is the one who didn’t reciprocate to his love. He complains about Lovely. Kulfi and Amyra don’t want Sikandar and Lovely to remember their fights and arguments. Kulfi tells her that they can make Sikandar and Lovely come together for a purpose.


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