Perfect Pati

Perfect Pati: Pushkar’s psychotic side revealed

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Perfect Pati: Pushkar exposes Vidhi for adding medicines in his food. Rajshri gets angered after watching the video, where Vidhi is seen adding the pills in the milk. She slaps Vidhi and asks her the reason for her crime. Vidhi tells Rajshri that Pushkar is mentally unstable. Rajshri doesn’t believe this. Vidhi calls up Damini to arrange a meet. Damini tells Rajshri that Pushkar is mentally ill and needs treatment. Rajshri learns about his illness. He feels Vidhi has exposed his illness and now he doesn’t need to hide anything. Pushkar behaves like a psycho and tells Rajshri that he has kidnapped Vidhi to punish her. He also cuts his own wrist and shocks Rajshri.

She can’t believe her perfect son’s mad behavior. She didn’t know about Pushkar’s mental instability before. She regrets for not believing Vidhi before. Pushkar tells her that he will kill Vidhi. Rajshri stops Pushkar from harming Vidhi. He asks Rajshri to choose either her son or her bahu. He threatens to commit suicide. The entire family gets a huge shock on seeing his truth.







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