Silsila Nandini makes a last wish; Mauli’s big decision next

Silsila Nandini makes a last wish; Mauli's big decision next

Silsila Nandini and Mauli’s relationships get tangled again. Mauli is torn between her past and future. She doesn’t know what decisions to make in her present to stop her past from ruining her future. She assures Sandhya that Kunal won’t have any interference in her life. Sandhya tells Mauli that Ishaan loves her a lot, but maybe Mauli doesn’t love him equally. She feels Mauli has feelings for Kunal. Sandhya wants to test Mauli’s love for Ishaan. She keeps a condition and asks her to end her ties with Kunal if she wants things to go smooth. Mauli promises to end ties with her past. Sandhya reminds her that she is living with Kunal’s family. She asks Mauli if she can sever her ties with Radhika and Dida as well.

She keeps the big condition and asks Mauli if she is ready to prove her love for Ishaan by leaving Kunal’s family. Sandhya gets angry on Mauli’s silence. Mauli tells Sandhya how Kunal’s family has always supported her, by ending ties with Kunal. She doesn’t want to leave the family.

Sandhya asks Mauli to think about Ishaan, who would be troubled by the complications. Mauli asks her to give her some time to create harmony between all the relations. Sandhya doesn’t listen to her and tells Mauli that she won’t support this relation. Mauli asks Sandhya not to force her for this big test, she won’t be able to leave Ishaan or her family. She begs Sandhya.

Sandhya tells Mauli that Ishaan can get any girl without any past baggage. She gets insulting Mauli again by reminding her bad past and her current relation with her ex-husband. Mauli tells Sandhya that she loves Ishaan, but she can’t leave Radhika and Dida. She takes the decision and tells Sandhya. Ishaan is sure that Mauli will clear all the misunderstandings. Radhika gets grateful to him for always supporting Mauli. Mahek and Pari surprise Kunal with his birthday celebrations.

Kunal thanks Pari for her wonderful surprise. They enjoy the sweet cake and have some smiles. Kunal and Mahek have a dance. Pari prays that Mauli fulfills Nandini’s last wish. She tells Mahek about Nandini’s wish that Mauli raises her daughter.

She tells more about Mauli and Nandini’s friendship. She gets upset that Mishti is disliking them. She gets adamant to know why Mishti hates Kunal. Kunal doesn’t want to answer her about Mauli and Mishti. Mauli tries to hide the problems from Mishti. She shares Sandhya’s condition and thinking with Radhika and Dida. She gets too sorrowful since she failed to convince Sandhya. Radhika and Dida offer her support. They understand Mauli’s greatness. They are sure that Ishaan will stand by her. Mauli doesn’t want any problems between Ishaan and his mum. Mauli decides to call off her marriage with Ishaan, just for the sake of Sandhya’s happiness. She doesn’t want to complicate Ishaan’s life.


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