High Point Drama in Jiji Maa and Muskaan

High Point Drama in Jiji Maa and Muskaan

High Drama in Jiji Maa: Uttara learns that Vidhaan is taking a big step to name the entire property to Suyash’s child, since the child is the heir of the Rawat family. Vidhaan is happy to share the baby’s love. He has realized the great sacrifices by Suyash and Falguni. He is ashamed to have a mother like Uttara, who never rectifies her mistakes and goes on hurting the family. Vidhaan doesn’t know that Uttara wants to kill Suyash and Falguni’s child. Uttara plans to harm the baby and kill him within two days, so that the property remains on Vidhaan’s name. Uttara doesn’t want Vidhaan’s rights to get snatched by Falguni. Uttara makes evil plans to kill the little baby.

Vidhaan plays with the baby and suddenly collapses. He gets admitted in the hospital. Niyati breaks down. Falguni tells Niyati that her love will save Vidhaan. Vidhaan faces a bad time. Uttara feels sorry for her misdeeds, but regards Falguni responsible for Vidhaan’s state. Suyash and Falguni pray for Vidhaan. Uttara is angry on Falguni. Suyash learns that Vidhaan is poisoned. He finds out about the poison which was over the baby toys. He realizes that Govind was the target of someone’s conspiracy. He is much angry and understands that Uttara is behind this attack.


Ronak shares the secrets with Muskaan. He tells her that Sir ji has hidden his another family from Gayatri. He reveals that Jaya is also Sir ji’s wife, but the second marriage won’t be legalized since Gayatri is alive.

He tells Muskaan that Sir ji has given the name of marriage to keep his relation with his mistress Jaya, and they also have a daughter Shalu. Muskaan can’t believe that Jaya is Sir ji’s wife. She tells Ronak how Jaya has always been helpful towards her in childhood, Jaya isn’t bad, maybe Sir ji has forced her into this relation. Muskaan tells him that Sir ji has ruined the lives of many girls and now she shall stop him. She tells Ronak that she will ruin Sir ji and his evil. Ronak and Muskaan team up to destroy Sir ji’s evil kingdom.


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