TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers: Nimki Mukhiya, Aapke Aa Jane

TR’s Top Weekend Spoilers: Nimki Mukhiya, Aapke Aa Jane

Nimki Mukhiya: Babbu learns about Nimki calling panchayat for the divorce. Nimki and Babbu’s differences get high. Babbu doesn’t side away his ego. He meets Nimki and tears the notice in front of her. He tells her that he won’t come to the panchayat for the divorce. Nimki wants divorce from Babbu. Her illusion about Babbu’s love got cleared completely. She knows he isn’t deserving of her love. Nimki angrily teaches a lesson to Babbu, and stays in the Mukhiya’s role. She reminds him about keeping the village clean and makes him pick the torn paper pieces. She charges him with fine, which angers him further.

Aapke Aa Jane Se: Vedika has taken the challenge to fight Bhoomi and Usha. She has changed her look as well. She wants to win Sahil. When Sahil and Ved meet her, Bhoomi snatches Ved from her. Ved takes Sahil and Vedika for the parents teacher meet. Sahil gets drawn to Vedika. Even if he doesn’t have his memories, he starts falling in love with Vedika. She is sure that Sahil and her love will never get less. Bhoomi angrily reacts and vents out on Vedika. She gets more inclined towards evil because of Usha. Vedika doesn’t want to give them more challenges, but show them by succeeding in her goals.

Roop gets admitted in the hospital. The bullet gets removed from his body. Roop recovers with the blessings of his family. The action drama comes to an end on a happy note. The family is happy that Roop got saved. Shamsher was afraid to lose his son. Roop and Shamsher’s differences get solved because of Ranvir. Roop finds the good thing in the bad times, that he got close to Shamsher’s heart and Ranvir got exposed.

Internet Wala Love, Udaan and Ishq Mein Marjawa Merger Episode:

Jai and Aadhya reach in Christmas celebrations. The party gets scary for them. Jai and Aadhya get kidnapped by Mr. X. Aarohi follows Deep when she finds him going to some room. They both get locked inside. She finds Abhimanyu there. Chakor, Raghav, Aarohi-Deep, Jai-Aadhya get kidnapped by the mysterious person. Aarohi doubts that Abhimanyu is the kidnapper. They all get rescued. Tara welcomes everyone in the party. Deep doubts on Tara, but she tells them that even she was kidnapped.

A Santa appears and asks them to play a game with him, if they want to get saved. He makes them wear the dangerous watch, and asks them not to remove it, else they will be dying. When they play the musical chairs game, Santa punishes the one who get losing. Mr. X gets threatening them. He asks Jai to slap Aadhya, but Jai refuses. Mr. X sends the goons to stab Aadhya. Jai gets too scared for Aadhya’s life. He learns that the knife is fake and Aadhya is unharmed. They want to know who is the Santa, playing with them.

Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega:
Guddan gets scared by a snake. She knows who is behind this dangerous plan. She shouts to Akshat for help. She asks him to save her life. Akshat protects Guddan. They share a romantic moment. Guddan has to handle her enemies. Guddan and Akshat don’t know the conspiracies happening around.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi:
Jaya is trying to solve Shikha’s problems. Samar sees Shikha crying. Samar doesn’t want Shikha to get divorced. Jaya tries to explain Shikha. She fails to convince Shikha. Samar feels helpless. Jaya thinks she has not seen Shikha’s pain before and feels bad. Shikha goes through the pain of separation. Satya is strong and made her daughters strong too, but Shikha falls weak in this moment. Jaya and Samar will take a stand for Shikha. Samar will be stopping Shikha’s divorce and unite her with her husband.


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