Kulfi Kumar New hopes for Sikandar and Lovely

Kulfi Kumar New hopes for Sikandar and Lovely

Kulfi Kumar New hopes sketched for Sikandar and Lovely’s union. Kulfi and Amyra try to bring Sikandar and Lovely closer by putting them in a filmi moment. When Sikandar sings a song, Lovely comments on his stupidity. She doesn’t want him to sing any sorrowful song. Kulfi asks him to sing some nice romantic song. She makes him rehearse again. Sikandar and Lovely can’t help, but fight again. Gunjan sees Amyra and Kulfi’s united efforts and suspects that something is wrong.

Amyra instructs Sikandar and Lovely to play the scene properly, since they are playing lovers and need to put feelings in the act. The moment gets funny when Sikandar fails to concentrate. He gets frustrated and argues with Lovely. She tells him that she can see everything and knows that he is at fault. They argue over their growing differences. They don’t want to subside their issues. Kulfi and Amyra try to secretly talk and make other plans.

Kulfi tells her that they have to make Sikandar and Lovely practice alone, so that everything gets fine, maybe they are conscious of others. Sikandar and Lovely meet again at the counsellor’s office. Counsellor tries to revive their love and hope if at all anything exists in their relation. Sikandar and Lovely seem disinterested in each other. Lovely gets angered with his attitude and doesn’t pay him any attention.

Counsellor tells them that their marriage worked for seven years, and it means they had love in between. He asks them to think of their strengths and weaknesses. He wants them to tell him if they have any feelings and hope to save their marriage.

Sikandar and Lovely head home and take care of their daughters. They don’t want to reconcile because of their ego issues. Kulfi realizes that his love for Nimrat was true. She wants to know if he loves Lovely too. She asks him if he misses Lovely. Amyra wants to know the same, if Lovely misses Sikandar. The girls remind them some good memories of each other. Sikandar and Lovely talk about each other. Amyra and Kulfi ask them to think of the moments where they lived happily together. Sikandar and Lovely find Amyra the link that connects them. Sikandar tells Kulfi that his life is incomplete without Amyra.

Lovely tells Amyra that Sikandar and she can do anything for her happiness. Amyra wants them to get back together. She tells Lovely that she wants both of her parents always. Sikandar tells Kulfi that he is missing Lovely a lot, they were together. Kulfi and Amyra get new hopes after talking to them. Gunjan and Tony learn about Amyra and Kulfi’s plans.


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