High Five Spoilers Perfect Pati, Roop Muskaan

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Spoilers Perfect Pati: Vidhi’s family worries for her. They call up the police to find Vidhi. Damini takes a stand for Vidhi and complains against Pushkar, who is mentally unstable. Nivedita gets stressed in her pregnancy state. Maasa and Bela also want to find Vidhi. Maasa knows that Pushkar has hidden Vidhi, but is helpless to keep silence. Maasa knows he is dangerous and will harm them if she speaks against him. She fears for Vidhi’s safety. Pushkar answers the inspector and tries to mislead. Damini tells inspector that Pushkar is behind Vidhi’s kidnapping. Maasa wanted Vidhi to suffer in her life, but didn’t imagine that Vidhi will have such a worse life with a mentally unstable husband Pushkar. Pushkar sends away Rajshri from the house, so that he can openly play with everyone’s lives. Maasa consoles Nivedita and asks her not to take stress.

Jiji Maa:

Falguni and Suyash protect baby from the goons. They also save the minister from danger. The goons threaten to explode the house by the bomb. Suyash and Falguni check the toy and hear the bomb timer sound. The Christmas party becomes trouble for them. The goons catch all of them at gun point. Falguni doesn’t want to lose her baby. Suyash defuses the bomb. Suyash and Vidhaan beat the goons. When the goons flee, Suyash and Vidhaan call up police to find who is behind the attack on the minister and their family.

Roop: Roop goes against Shamsher once again, when the latter blames Ishika for theft. Shamsher doesn’t like Ishika. He tells Roop that Ishika isn’t his Bahu. Roop gets angry and defends Ishika’s esteem. He tells Shamsher that Ishika has got the money somewhere and kept it safely. He returns the money. Shamsher throws the money and angrily pushes Kamla. Kamla gets hurt because of their heated argument. Roop asks Shamsher not to dare speak against Ishika. He can’t hear a word against Ishika. Roop’s family worries because of Shamsher’s anger.


Gayatri and Jaya celebrate Shalu’s birthday. Gayatri doesn’t know Sir ji’s truth. Ronak and Muskaan want to prove that Shalu is Sir ji’s daughter. They ask Sir ji to tell the truth to Gayatri in private, so that he doesn’t get humiliated in the party publicly. Sir ji doesn’t lose hopes and is sure that he will come up with a plan to escape the tricky situation. Ronak pushes him in front of Shalu, so that his truth comes out. Sir ji threatens Jaya to save him from the mess.

Karn Sangini:
Urvi’s mum sends laddoos to Karn’s house. Karn’s mum doesn’t like it. Urvi eats the laddoos to honor her mum’s efforts. Urvi gets helpless. She doesn’t want her in-laws to insult her mum’s efforts and throw the laddoos away. Karn finds Urvi respecting his family. Urvi gets upset when Karn’s aunts roll the laddoos and play with it. She doesn’t want such disrespect. Urvi handles the matter and stops the aunts from playing with sweets. Karn supports Urvi and is proud of her. Urvi tells the aunts that her mum has sent the laddoos with love, they don’t have any right to insult the laddoos. Karn gets stuck in the family politics. Karn’s mum apologizes to Urvi and hugs her.

Jija Ji Chath Par Hai:
Pancham gives a necklace to Ilaychi. He expresses his love to her once again. Pancham and Ilaychi romance on the terrace. Pancham tells her that he will soon talk to Murari. He says I can’t believe that I have got a girl like you. Murari comes there to meet Ilaychi. She hides Pancham from her parents. She confuses Karuna, who faces a difficulty in walking because of leg sprain. Murari asks Ilaychi to take care of Karuna and make the servants manage work. Ilaychi gives the message to Pancham that she is going for some work and he needs to stay there until she comes back.


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