Yeh Un Dinon Engagement twists for Naina-Sameer

Yeh Un Dinon Sameer to face new difficulties

Yeh Un Dinon Engagement twists next. Naina gets too happy when her alliance with Sameer gets fixed. Naina and Sameer get some pictures clicked together to make good memories of their new relation forming. Naira wears the chunri gifted by Sameer and happily dances. The family see her happily dancing and laugh. Naina doesn’t realize that her family is seeing her carefree spirit. Naina and her family preparing for the engagement. Anand does many preparations for Naina’s engagement. Tai ji tells him that its just the engagement happening, not the marriage, that he is doing so much. Anand makes a list of things. He gets a beautiful dress for Naina. Naina likes the dress.

Naina helps the family in packing the gifts. Anand also orders the sweets. He wants to make everything perfect so that Sameer’s family doesn’t taunt them for anything. He asks Bhabhi not to worry, he is doing everything for Naina happily, it was also his dream to arrange Naina’s marriage. Naina is very happy when the family showers happiness on her. Naina finds some members unhappy and unwillingly participating in the tasks. Naina helps the family in deciding the arrangements. They discuss the food menu. Agarwal family want to make sure that Naina and Sameer’s engagement ceremony goes well. Naina wishes the same. There will be filmi twists in the engagement ceremony because of the family’s annoyance catching up in moments.

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Jai and PK take a arm wrestling challenge in the New years party. Jai can’t believe that PK is really Aadhya’s boyfriend. Jai is confused and jealous. He wants to insult PK. He organizes such games where he can make fun of PK. He keeps a couple compatibility test and questions PK about Aadhya. PK fails to answer anything about her likes and dislikes. Jai thinks PK doesn’t know anything about Aadhya.

He finds PK very different from Aadhya. Jai asks PK to ask him about Aadhya. He is sure that he can answer everything about her. He wants to help Aadhya, and ends up hurting her feelings. Jai wants to make PK out of Aadhya’s life. Rupa comes in the party in a disguise, uninvited and gets into a fight with a guest. Jai tries to sort the fight. Rupa hides her identity behind the mask and rushes out before Jai sees her. Jai learns about Rupa and asks her not to ruin the youngsters party. Jai doesn’t accept any defeat in his friendship with Aadhya.


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