Muskaan Ronak take an unexpected decision

Muskaan Ronak Clever Escape plan next

Muskaan Ronak wants to make it certain that Sir ji pays for his mistakes. He plans to bring Sir ji’s truth out. He asks Shalu to just go to Sir ji and remove his mask. He wants Shalu to unmask Sir ji. Shalu gets kidnapped from the party. Sir ji then returns Shalu to them after convincing her. Sir ji plays smart and gets someone to play Jaya’s husband. Ronak gets a shocker on meeting Jaya’s fake husband, who claims to be Shalu’s father. Ronak and Muskaan fail in their plans to expose Sir ji again. Gayatri isn’t aware of Sir ji’s true intentions and believes in him a lot.

Ronak breaks down when he fails again. Muskaan pacifies Ronak. He tells her that he will leave the house, since he can’t take it anymore. She gets moved by seeing his emotional breakdown. She doesn’t ask anything and agrees to leave the house.

She knows Ronak well. She supports him, knowing he is doing this for everyone’s betterment. Ronak tells her that Sir ji has kidnapped Shalu and kept her unconscious just to get saved, anything could have happened to her, if he could do this to his own daughter, he can do anything to Gayatri too. He takes a big decision to leave the family so that Gayatri lives in peace. He doesn’t want Gayatri to suffer or lose her life. He understands that once he exposes Sir ji’s truth, Sir ji will create a havoc in their lives. Ronak’s concern for Gayatri gets understood by Muskaan. Muskaan shares his pain.


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