Yeh Un Dinon High Voltage drama amidst preparations

Yeh Un Dinon High Voltage drama amidst preparations

Yeh Un Dinon High Voltage drama will be witnessed in the cute love tale. Naina and Sameer will be getting engaged. There is much drama going on. The families get meeting to finalize their preparations. Naina gets the good news that the engagement date is fixed. She expresses her happiness to the family. She wants to marry Sameer soon. She is happy that the family is supportive of the now. Naina and Sameer have passed many difficulties to make their school-college-days love reach this point. Sameer speaks to her over the phone and shares his happiness. They both are equally mad for each other. Naina helps her family with the engagement preparations. When Sameer and Naina meet for the engagement talks, they witness the families having some annoyance.

Vishika wants Naina to wear the best engagement dress. A clothes vendor is called home. The ladies try to decide Naina’s dress. The unhappy members of both the families pass some taunting tinge. Naina gets confused and doesn’t know which colour to choose. Even the choices of both the families don’t match.

Naina signals Sameer to ask him to help her out. Sameer gifts her sarees to Naina. He selects the sarees and asks her try the attires of his choice. He sends Naina to go and check the best outfit. Sameer tells the family that he will also go and help Naina in selection. There are cute moments seen between Sameer and Naina, while he helps her in the entire selection process.

Naina selects the dress of Sameer’s choice, even when she didn’t like it herself. She wants to look good as he wants. She changes herself for his sake. Naina’s family observes Naina’s change and is happy. The marriage preparations go on well. The families get to witness Naina and Sameer’s sweet love once again. There will be high voltage drama during the preparation for the marriage. Sameer and Naina also feel that their marriage can’t get a completion without the drama tinge by their families.


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