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Spoilers Kasautii Zindagii Kay: Prerna and Komolika will be coming face to face once again, and this time to fight for their siblings. Prerna had earlier met Komolika when the latter advised her on handling failing love relationships. Prerna is madly in love with Anurag, but unable to confess it. Moreover, she is mistaken that Anurag wants to marry his ex-girlfriend Mishka. Prerna gets stressed when she learns about Shivani’s pregnancy. Shivani has always been secretive about her relationship with Ronit. Shivani reveals her boyfriend’s name to Prerna and Anurag, after giving them tension by her suicide attempt. Prerna gears up to meet Ronit and teach him a lesson. Ronit doesn’t get affected by Shivani’s suicide. Shivani falls in a troubled relationship and wants a solution for her unwanted pregnancy. Prerna wants Ronit to take the responsibility of Shivani’s state.

Prerna fails to meet Ronit at his home and comes across Komolika. She reveals Ronit’s cowardly act to Komolika. Komolika doesn’t realize her brother’s mistake and instead throws a challenge at Prerna for proving Ronit and Shivani’s love relationship. Komolika gets insulting Shivani’s character, while Prerna finds Ronit a cheap-minded guy. Komolika’s ego gets hurt by Prerna’s attitude. Komolika determines to ruin Prerna.


Mauli chooses Kunal’s family after Sandhya poses the condition. She breaks ties with Ishaan. On the other hand, Kunal is also worried for Pari. He wants to unite Mauli and Ishaan. Ishaan wants to know the reason behind Mauli’s refusal. Mauli doesn’t tell him anything and just wants to avoid him. Pari wants Mauli as her mother, while Mishti wants Pari away from Mauli.


Salim and Akbar have a battle for the justice. Akbar feels Salim isn’t doing right by rebelling against his father and the country for the love of Anarkali. On the contrary, Salim feels Akbar isn’t kind and humane to understand the purity of love. He wants his love for Anarkali to get accepted by one and all. Akbar doesn’t want to make Anarkali the next queen of Moghal empire. Akbar makes sure that Salim gets separated from Anarkali. When Anarkali gets kidnapped, Salim loses his temper and declares an open war with Akbar. Maanbai and Maan Singh get on Akbar’s side, while Jodha Bai tends to support her son Salim. Jodha fears that Akbar and Salim’s huge clash will come to an end only with the demise of either of them. She regrets for the battle since both of them are too dear to her.

Spoilers Ishq Mein Marjawa: Aarohi gets shot by Deep. She can’t believe that Deep has shot her. There is a new mystery. Aarohi gets conscious and realizes that she is fine. Deep takes Aarohi to Vasundara. He asks Vasundara to come with them fast. Mr. X attacks them. Deep asks Aarohi to take Vasundara with her and leave. Deep fights with Mr X. Aarohi runs away with Vasundara.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Rohan starts melting his heart towards Simmi, after seeing her genuine affection towards him. He feels bad for cheating Simmi by big lies. Rohan tells Karan that he wants to tell the truth to Simmi, but Karan stops him from ruining their plans of attaining freedom from Bhallas. Rohan tells Karan that he is feeling much guilty and maybe this matter will get too tense when the truth comes out. Rohan doesn’t want to be part of Sudha’s evil plotting. Meanwhile, Bhallas stay worried for Ishita, who got kidnapped. Simmi gets Parmeet’s ring fallen in the living room. She realizes that Parmeet has escaped from the jail and also kidnapped Ishita. She shares her findings with Raman, who wants to cross check with the jail officer once.


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