Kaal Bhairav huge revelation to stun Veer

Kaal Bhairav curse cross tags Veer shockingly

Kaal Bhairav huge revelation to shock the royal family. Veer and Archie get married, after Titu misleads the royal family by taking Kaal Bhairav’s disguise. Titu believes that Kaal Bhairav can’t come in front of the people, its someone’s conspiracy to take revenge on the royal family. Even Archie believes the same as her friend, but she doesn’t want to do anything that hurts Veer’s sentiments. She has no idea about Titu’s planning to get her married to Veer. Archie doesn’t want Veer and his family to fall in any trouble. She wishes Kaal Bhairav’s old curse gets off the royal family. Veer and Archie stay happy in their new life, which lasts only for a while. Bhairavi makes a re-entry in the royal family.

She reveals how Veer and Archie got married by tricking Kaal Bhairav. She tells them that she was kidnapped and taken away from the palace, while Archie was declared as the chosen bride by Titu, not Kaal Bhairav. Bhairavi blames Veer and Archie for being selfish to attain their love and failing in Kaal Bhairav’s tests.


She informs the royal family that the entire village will witness the wrath of Kaal Bhairav, beginning from the very moment. Veer gets terrified with Bhairavi’s huge revelation. He didn’t wish his family to fall in trouble because of his mistakes. He is aware of Archie’s innocence. Archie tells Veer that she will take the responsibility of Titu’s mistake and support the family. Veer and Archie want to know Titu’s whereabouts. Titu falls in deep danger, when a shadow like Kaal Bhairav follows him to punish. The village starts witnessing the anger of Lord Kaal Bhairav in the form of stormy winds. Maharani fears for Veer’s life. She asks Rajguru to perform some puja to calm down Kaal Bhairav’s anger. What measures will Veer and Archie take now? Keep reading.


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