YRKKH Unexpected twists to knock Goenka house

YRKKH Unexpected twists to knock Goenka house

YRKKH Unexpected twists to create a storm. Kartik takes an unexpected move and shocks Manish and Dadi. He tells them about the mutual agreement that they won’t be able to touch his child, since they are biased about the child. He tells them that he will leave the house along with Naira and baby if they try to deny the contract. He says you won’t meet the baby in private, since we don’t want your cheap thinking to affect him. He threatens to leave the entire family and house for the baby’s safety. He fears for Naira and baby’s lives. He tells Dadi that he doesn’t want to take any risk. He tells them that if they don’t sign the contract, he will leave the house right away. Manish and Dadi get compelled by Kartik and sign the contract. They hand over the documents back to Kartik. Naira gets upset seeing this.

Kirti apologizes to Naira on Dadi’s behalf. She resumes her work in the new company. Naira shares her sorrow with Bhabhimaa. She doesn’t like Kartik’s way to explain Manish and Dadi. She tells Bhabhimaa that ending relations aren’t a good option.

Naira doesn’t want Kartik to spoil his relations with family because of her. She tells Bhabhimaa that she doesn’t want Kartik to punish Manish and Dadi this way. She knows Kartik has hurt them a lot. Bhabhimaa feels Goenkas are happy to get a bahu like Naira.

Kirti feels her family has done wrong with Naira. Naira sees Dadi in tears and gets upset. Aditya calls up Kirti to discuss work. She feels odd to talk to him in front of her in-laws. Manish apologizes to Naira. He realizes his mistake and regrets to support the wrong. Naira forgives Manish and Dadi. She wants to explain Kartik that he is doing wrong. She seeks Kirti’s help. She asks Kirti to talk to Kartik and explain his mistake. Kirti asks Kartik not to hurt Naira and family by his decision. He reveals that his intentions aren’t wrong. Kirti tells Kartik that even Dadi’s intentions weren’t wrong, but ended up doing foolish thing.

She asks him to change Dadi’s thinking, instead of punishing her. She asks Kartik not to judge Dadi for her thinking. She tells Kartik that Dadi isn’t completely wrong. She defends Manish and Dadi to unite Kartik with them. She asks Kartik to forgive them. Naira too wants Kartik to mend his relations with Dadi. Kartik and Naira join hands to bring a change in Dadi’s thinking. Naira wants Dadi to forget the past mistakes. Kartik tells Dadi that he will need her to take care of Naira. Dadi regrets for her doings and feels ashamed. Kartik and Naira show a big heart and forgive her. Naira apologizes to Naira and unites with them. There will be big twists knocking at Goenka house.


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