High Five Spoilers: Silsila Aapke Aa Jane Se

Telly Spoilers Shakti Ishq SubhanAllah Top 7 Today

Spoilers: Silsila Aapke Aa Jane Se and more… Silsila: Kunal decides to help Mishti in uniting Mauli and Ishaan. Pari gets much upset with him. She stops talking to her buddy. She tells Mahek that Kunal is listening to Mishti and giving her much importance. She doesn’t want Kunal to neglect her. Mahek tells Pari that Kunal love her a lot, whatever he is doing is best for everyone. Radhika also wants Ishaan to become Mishti’s dad soon. She knows that Mishti just sees a father in Ishaan, not Kunal. She doesn’t want injustice to happen with Mishti and Pari.

Perfect Pati: Pushkar gets treatment for his mental imbalance. Rangeela visits him at the hospital and gets his signs for the legal documents. Rangeela manages his business in his absence. He finds Pushkar a calm and composed person, unlike before. He gets happy and tells him that he will give the good news to Rajshri. Pushkar treats him nicely. Pushkar’s behavior change will be seen. On the other hand, Rajshri sheds tears for Vidhi’s death. She feels responsible for Vidhi’s death since she didn’t believe Vidhi and failed to save her from her insane son in time. Rajshri shares her sorrow with Maasa. Rajshri hopes Pushkar recovers and returns home soon. Pushkar speaks to the doctors with a hope that they will allow him to go home and certify him perfect.

Main Maayke Chali Jaungi: Samar and Jaya have a romantic date. Samar surprises her with a lovely dinner plan. He wants to convince Jaya. He had upset her before by calling her mum a drama queen and liar. He wants to calm her anger. She melts her heart. He gives her roses and asks her for a dance. When she refuses, he sings for her and pleases her. They have a moment of romance.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

A new girl enters Sahil’s life. Sahil weds Pankti and gets her home. Vedika gets a big shock when she Sahil welcomes Pankti. Pankti waits at the door for grahpravesh. Sahil reveals to Vedika that he has married Pankti. Vedika realizes that Pankti is Jacky’s girlfriend. She tells Pankti that Sahil is not her Jacky. Pankti doesn’t believe her, since she hasn’t seen Sahil before. Pankti is also unhappy with her marriage, which happened by a mistake. She is in dilemma over accepting the marriage. She feels caged by new relations.


Chakor takes Durga’s avatar once again. She ends Akash’s evil by beating him red and blue. Chakor doesn’t spare him. She asks him how could he fall so low that he attacked his own wife, knowing she is pregnant. She protects Jyoti and her unborn child. Jyoti gets encouraged by Chakor and also beats Akash. Chakor gets justice for Rajjo. She says Akash should get death, not punishment, he is a devil and will always be a devil. She feels Akash can’t reform again. Akash gets injured. He fails to shoot Chakor.

Inspector shoots at Akash’s arm and controls him. Imli tells Chakor that she was out from jail on parole and now she has to go back. She promises that she will serve the punishment and come back. She gets emotional to get away from Chakor and Raghav too. Raghav tells Imli that he will wait for his good friend to come back. They share a moment. Imli gets some good memories along and makes a leave.


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