Upcoming in Udaan: Imli and Akash get arrested

Udaan Twist Imli to make a hearty request to Chakor

Upcoming in Udaan: Chakor finally finds Raghav and Imli in a critical state. Imli starts liking Raghav, since he has risked life to save her. Imli wants Chakor to save Raghav’s life. Chakor rushes Raghav and Imli to the hospital. Doctor tells Chakor about the blood unites requirement for Raghav. Chakor donates blood to save Raghav’s life. Raghav gets conscious and finds Chakor with him. He realizes that she has made a blood donation to him. He likes Chakor for her bravery and goodness.

Anjor and Tejaswini meet Raghav. Tejaswini forgives Raghav, while Anjor happily hugs him, assuming he is Suraj. Doctor tells Raghav that Chakor is his life savior, she has done a lot for him, he should be thankful to her. Raghav gets grateful to Chakor. She gets a call from inspector. She gets the news of Akash’s escape and gets worried. New twists come in their lives. Chakor rushes to the haveli to protect the family.

Akash runs from the jail. He reaches the haveli to take revenge. He wants to kill everyone. When Jyoti faces him, he scolds her nd threatens to kill her. Chakor stops Akash from hurting Jyoti. She vents our anger on him and bashes him up. Akash points gun at her. Police reaches there on right time and arrests him. Chakor hugs Jyoti and pacifies her. Akash leaves from the house forever. On the other hand, Imli surrenders to the police and admits her crimes. Imli wants to pay for her crimes and come back to the family to get acceptance by them heartily.


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