Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unexpected move by Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Unexpected move by Raman

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Raman makes an appeal to the public to help him find Ishita. He is ready to give any reward to the person who finds Ishita. He announces the cash reward of 10 crores. The goons also get to see the news. They don’t want any risk for themselves. They plan to kill Ishita and end the problem. Ishita also learns Raman’s move to announce the reward. She knows Raman will find her somehow. The goons think to release Ishita and get the money from Raman to have a good life. They get greedy for money. Ishita feels happy that Raman has made a nice plan. Sudha and Parmeet get the same news and wonder what is Raman up to. Raman tells the family that nothing will happen to Ishita.

The goons don’t know what they should do. They get Parmeet’s call and try to strike a deal with him for a bigger amount. Parmeet warns them against double crossing him for money. He tells them that once they try to free Ishita, he will inform the police about them and get them arrested. He wants to keep a watch on his aides. Raman seeks help from police to find Ishita. Inspector assures that he will be finding Ishita.

On the other hand, Mrs. Iyer is worried for her husband’s ill health. Mr. Iyer wants to know about Ishita. He wants to be strong and get fine soon so that he goes home. He doesn’t want his family to worry for him. Bhallas await the kidnapper’s call. They get some demeaning calls from people. Raman loses his control on the people’s taunt. Inspector asks him to just relax and let them do their work. Raman misses Ishita and cries for her. Raman doesn’t want it to get too late.

Sudha meets Bhallas to know about the situation at home. Raman doesn’t want Sudha to take advantage of them. She lies to him that she has come to meet her sons. Rohan wants to know if Sudha is really involved in the kidnapping. Sudha claims her innocence. Rohan asks Sudha to confess the truth to him. Sudha emotionally brainwashes him against Bhallas. She reminds him the motive that they are dealing with Bhallas. She asks him to take Simmi’s help and get Aaliya’s sign on the divorce papers. Karan wants Ruhi to sign the papers soon so that they get free from Bhallas. Rohan bonds with Simmi genuinely. He doesn’t want to ruin Bhallas on Sudha’s orders.


  1. YHM, raman’s move is copied by the movie called RAMSOM by Mel Gibson, its a classic movie, instead of a child, its a Wife. Just hope, it will end soon.
    I do not like Param’s character at all, i know its only a story but writers, producers have the ability to bring in some truthfullness in the serials every now n than.
    Instead of focussing so much on family if Sudha character were focus on business would hv been more interesting.
    YHM, ishitas character holds more importants that raman, it makes me wonder are all men in india are spinless who cant take care of the family, cant make decision good decision for family and business, must a woman always be involved?
    Amyway, i think Divyanka n Karen should end this charade fast and sign for new serials. Both are good actors, i prefer karan during the earlier part, is just that i did not like him crying too much. Otherwise story was good till karan losing him mimd, simmi’s dirty plans, serial was good. Then the ghost story, adi death, was the serial spoiler. Amd what happen to Ishitas being spied? That story just vanished, what happen? Pihu is missing for so long, romi has gone to another serial, i miss the old toshi bhalla, many good things are missing which made the serial to become a bit boring to watch.


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