Kulfi Kumar Secret planning of Kulfi Amyra Revealed

Kulfi Kumar Secret planning of Kulfi Amyra Revealed

Kulfi Kumar Secret gets known to all in the new year party. Gunjan learns Kulfi and Amyra’s plan that they want to unite Sikandar and Lovely. She doesn’t know if Lovely is also involved. She informs their planning to Tony and tells them that they have to stop the girls from succeeding. Amyra and Kulfi get glad that they have won and tricked Sikandar into hosting the party at home. Gunjan tells Tony that she will expose the girls’ plan in the party. Gunjan wants to make Lovely away from Sikandar forever. Amyra and Kulfi get ready and attend the party. They wait for Sikandar and Lovely to come back. Kulfi gets the chits. Kulfi informs Amyra that the chits are thrown around. Amyra tells her that the chits got stolen and this calls for a concern.

She doesn’t want anyone to know about their plans. She asks Kulfi to stop their plans from getting known. Kulfi tells Sikandar that he is looking very handsome. He compliments her and calls her an angel. Gunjan gets tensed while executing her plans. Amyra and Kulfi don’t want their lies to get known. Sikandar and Lovely meet in the party and have a cute moment of love.

Kulfi makes them perform dance in the new year party, while she looks for Amyra’s chits. The entire family celebrates, while Lovely gets suspicious of Amyra’s weird behavior. Lovely stays happy with Sikandar. Amyra wants this to continue. Tony and Gunjan get upset seeing Sikandar and Lovely together. Tony hides his evil plans and performs dance with Sikandar’s family. This brings a wave of happiness for Sikandar and Lovely. Tony surprises them with his change. Amyra gets the chits. Gunjan wants to catch her red-handed. Amyra tells Kulfi that she has collected all the chits. Tony tells them that he has just come to drop his wife. Mohendar asks him to stay back. Sikandar compliments Lovely for her stunning looks. Amyra and Kulfi turn happy seeing their merry side. Gunjan exposes Kulfi and Amyra’s big plan to unite Sikandar and Lovely.


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